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Crawlers and Climbers and Cuffs

jessica jack

So for the last few months I’ve been wearing a “new” pair of earmuffs with a pretty heavy twist. Every time I use it, at least one person asks me what it is and where I got it. (And because, remember, I’m sharing that kind of information, mine is from Lingg.) Vines and creepers are basically the same thing – an earring that looks like it’s digging into the earlobe (yes, I know, a name). And handcuffs, again, with creative names: they wrap the cartilaginous part of the ear minimalist jewelry. Bracelets were great in the 80s and 90s, but today’s bracelet has a much more subtle feminine feel.

Note that I am not brave enough to commit to various piercings, in fact at this age I would keep needles in my body for things like Botox !! But, that’s really what’s so fun about this new trend – it seems like you have a ton of holes, but you don’t! Now I can look great for a day or even an hour, then go back to my mom in the suburbs.

In the same way that dainty necklaces overlap, so are dainty earrings. In fact, he wore a vine in one ear and another in his ear tucked into a bracelet. And if I say so myself, it sounds great! So put my friends away! There are other reptiles and handcuffs that you will see around, which is a very obvious statement and seems to completely wrap the ear with jewelry, like this or this one. But, as amazing as this stuff is, it’s a bit expensive and dazzling for my taste, so I’m focusing on the more portable versions.

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