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Best Place To Buy Authentic Moldavite Jewelry – Rananjay Exports

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Formed because of the impact of meteorites, the gemstone has become quite important as collectors’ choice. Moldavite Jewelry belongs to the category of tektites that are brown, black, or green colored natural glasses. These are formed when a meteorite hits the Earth, melting the terrestrial formations, which later on form these crystals. Moldavite is the only tektite that has a gem quality.

What attracts a buyer towards the gemstone is its appearance. With extraordinary shapes, the crystal comes in a mossy-green color, and it can be transparent or translucent. It has some folds, wrinkles, and bubbles in its body. The shape and structure of moldavite Jewelry are more important than its shine and glitter. Although it can be cut and polished for use in jewelry, it is most prized aesthetically in its raw form.

Quality Factors Of This Gemstone

While buying a gem, the four C’s (cut, color, clarity, and carat size) are considered. In the case of this gemstone too, these factors are determined but in a different light.

Carat: Heavier and larger pieces of this gemstone are more preferred than the smaller ones. 

Clarity: The crystal is mostly translucent. The better quality will allow some light to shine through it, yet it will not be all transparent. The inclusions of the gem are what make it beautiful. The swirls on its body look like moss, which is why its texture is called mossy.

Color: Lighter shades of green are the most desirable quality in this gemstone. The shades near to green are considered best for gem quality, while some jewelry enthusiasts are also in awe of the black shades of the gem.

Cut: It is not like other gemstones when cut as its has roughness to its facets. If you prefer the cut and polished gemstone, then go for it, but moldavite is loved in its raw features. Every piece of the gem is different from one another.

Imperfections of moldavite Jewelry make it beautiful and more appealing to the eyes. So if you find a piece that is too perfect, then you know it is fake.

The Guidance Stone

It is a gem that will guide you towards a new path in your life. You can call it a wish-fulfilling stone as you can set your intentions with this stone, and the stone will help you focus on them, so they turn to reality. Moldavite has a strong association with the heart chakra. It helps to release any past emotional trauma and prepare you with feelings of unconditional love. To keep it close to your heart, go for a moldavite pendant that you can wear every day. 

Since the stone symbolizes harmony in love and relationships, it can be given as a gift to your loved one or a couple on their marriage anniversary. Also, being the birthstone for the zodiac sign Taurus, it helps them control their stubborn attitude and enhance qualities like patience and can be a good gift for them. 

Cleansing The Stone

Moldavite has high vibrational energies and soaks up the harmful negativities from the surroundings to protect the wearer. Therefore, it must be cleaned with water frequently. Then, to use it again, hold it during meditation with positive thoughts and set some good intentions that you want to fulfill. 

Where To Buy Moldavite Jewelry?

The demand for moldavite is going high really fast, and hence it is best to invest in this gemstone. Rananjay Exports which is a wholesale Gemstone Jewelry dealer has a genuine quality gem. Their jewelry is created using 925 sterling silver. You will find ample variety in moldavite bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, and pendants here.

Mia martin

My name is Araceli Adams. I have been serving Rananjay Exports under the capacity of Product Manager head for more than 5 years. Rananjay Exports is a global jewelry manufacturing firm based in the USA which deals in more than a hundred varieties of gemstones and a choice of metals and vermeil. We use only authentic and ethically sourced gemstones to create Moldavite Ring loved by jewelry resellers worldwide. Each jewel that bears the signature of Rananjay Exports will come with a promise of quality. We aim to make the overall purchase experience extremely convenient and rewarding for our authorized members.

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