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A Comprehensive Guide About the Best Chino Pants

Vikas Kantia

People usually consider chino pants and khakis one thing. Though there are some distinctive considerations that put them separately. Both pants have the same origin; however, chinos are quite light. These are cotton blended pants come in various colors & patterns. On the other hand, classic khaki pants were heavier and still heavier than chino pants. This article will cover essential facts about the best chino pants that can help our readers in many ways. 

Do Chinos Stretch Like Jeans Around the Waist or Not

A quick reply is ”no.” Usually, chino pants don’t stretch around the waist. One needs to ensure that waste fitting is secured by the belt to prevent falling; otherwise, one may end up feeling uneasy throughout the time one has worn. Chinos even fall a bit lower than the waist, so the belt is always a favorable option to stay comfortable & free. Nowadays, blue chino pants are becoming the trend. One can style casually to formally by just switching the pair of shirts & boots. 

Things About Chinos Which are Hardly Heard of 

As mentioned above, chinos are available in various colors, styles & patterns. So, It can be difficult for men to buy chino pants. It’s essential to be clear about the objective of wearing chino pants. Whether it’s for an occasion or just a regular style demand. Once the objective is clear, then it’s not hard to find the best one, and pairing with the shirt becomes easy. 

Another important thing that should not be overlooked is the fitting. Generally, chino pants are slightly more loose than other trousers. So extra loose chinos will not give a clean look and shatter the overall personality. Here the buyer needs to confirm the size from the vendor before buying chinos. It’s because extra loose can turn out to be a disappointment, and one may build a wrong perception of chinos. 

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Chino’s introduction to the fashion world is due to the American military uniform. Earlier, and till today, the US militants wear chino pants and pairing them with the long boots throw a great idea to designers’ minds. Since then, chinos have become part of many fashion brands and shine on the top collection of men. 

At Last : How Long Should the Chinos Be? 

The length of the chinos depends on the individual needs. For instance, it’s better to ask ourselves how we plan to wear chino pants. In other words, if planning to get a smart or neat look, then a half break or quarter is an ideal choice. What are breaks? There are three types of break: 

Quarter break is highly in trend. Here, the lower inch bottom of the pants has a slightly creased wound that shows around the ankle.   

Half break is also an incredible look and much seen by men wearing light khaki pants. However, it can be possible with chinos. The crease falls between one & two inches. Full break is intentionally done when wearing long-length chino pants. The case is created above 2 inches and looks smarter with high ankle-length footwear.

Vikas Kantia

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