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Why 11th Street Station is a “Must-Visit” for your Trip to Durango, Colorado

Tyler Rice
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11th Street Station has become one of the hottest new spots in the beautiful mountain town of Durango, Colorado. Owners Kaime and Marcos Wisner have created a new scene that is something that the Colorado town has never seen before, bustling with live, exciting music and serving incredible cocktails and food. This bar/venue is much more than most of the Durango restaurants that you have seen before in the past. It is an experience unlink any other. Here is what makes this dining option so great.

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Hosting Live Music More Often than any other Place in Durango

There are a handful of venues in Durango, Colorado that host live music but none of them host as much music as 11th Street Station. They often have events up to 5 times a week and it is not rare to see local acts there frequently. They have also a back patio as well as the front which allows for them to host two events at the same time, being able to have two live music acts performing at the same time.

Overall, the vibe at 11th street station feels good as people get their groove on and dance all night as the venue stays open outside until 11:00 PM many nights. If you want live music with a great cocktail and dinner while enjoying the town lights outside, then 11th street is the place for you. Speaking of cocktails…

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Some of the Best Cocktails and Beer Selections in the Southwest

Having great cocktails might not be the first thing that comes to mind when combining it with a place that has a lively music scene, but they go above and beyond with their drink offerings. While they have the standard set of cocktails including Margaritas, Manhattans, and Martinis, they also have many custom creations that will be sure to have you feeling good in no time. If cocktails are not your first choice, they also have a huge rotating selection of craft beers that range from lagers to high-gravity beer.

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A Large and Rotating Selection of Food Trucks

This dining area is unique in the fact that they host a wide variety of food trucks – ranging from Thai food to Pizza. The food trucks are also changing often giving people a new choice if they have not visited in some time. This gives people the ability to choose many different dining options while they enjoy their drinks or live music -which is all helpful towards the overall experience of this wonderful venue.

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The Scenery is Unique and Vintage

The whole bar has a 1950s style setting of what used to be a gas station on the corner of Main and 11th street. The gas station was a long-time historical icon of Durango, Colorado, servicing large trucks and vehicles all over the 4 Corners Region. By keeping the historical feel and imagery, they are keeping an old part of Durango alive.

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