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Engaging Virtual Christmas Party Ideas for Fun

Alyssa Joshua

Winters are coming, and everyone has already gotten into the festive vibes. With the much-awaited online Xmas celebration to happen, people have started looking for ideas for a virtual Christmas party that can offer immersive event experiences.

Let us walk you through some engaging virtual Xmas party ideas that your attendees will remember and cherish in the times to come;

Virtual Secret Santa Party

We all know that Santas are the charm of any Christmas celebration. A Santa brings joy, happiness, presents, and surprises for everyone. It is a super exciting idea for your virtual Christmas party to make the festival more joyous and memorable. For the event happening virtually, you can use a name-picker tool, and then accordingly each recipient decides what should be the best giveaway present. This way, exchanging gifts on Christmas becomes super fun and interesting.

Virtual Holiday Playlist

Any party or celebration is half-done without music, dance, and other festivities. So, consider creating an exciting Christmas playlist and let everyone groove and enjoy the festive feeling. You can make this playlist on apps like Apple Music, Tidal, or Spotify to get your attendees started. This way, even if everyone is residing in different locations, they can come together and enjoy the virtual celebrations.

Sing Christmas Songs and Carols

Singing Christmas carols is a must for any Christmas party or celebration. So, you can select virtual event services with excellent audio and video tools that will allow your attendees to do this activity and make this festive spirit super enjoyable.

Virtual Christmas Costume Dress-up

Getting decked up for any celebration or festival has been a traditional practice. With festivals happening virtually, it does not mean you need to avoid getting dressed up exceptionally. To make your Christmas events more fun, you can keep a thematic dress-up competition. Ask your attendees to put on their best costume related to Xmas. It could be a Santa hat, Santa coat, gloves, or reindeer antler. Later, you can give exciting prizes to the best dressed-up attendee.

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Name That Christmas Tune

Another engaging activity to make your online Xmas party super fun. You can make small groups or create breakout sessions. Then, play songs from popular apps related to Christmas for at least 15-20 seconds. The groups would have to guess the song and the team that scores the most wins the game.

Virtual Christmas Photobooth

People love taking multiple photos with their friends, families, and colleagues. So, how interesting can it be if they have this during virtual celebrations too? To integrate this on your virtual event platform, you can keep branded or thematic booths. It will allow attendees to capture photos and they can consider posting them on different social media platforms. It is a great way for brands to boost their social media presence. 

Online Talent Show

Each of us has a unique set of talents or skills that we are good at. How about picking a small duration during the event to make the Christmas party more entertaining. You can invite top performers, dancers, musicians, or stand-up comedians to add more charm to the online event. Besides this, you can organize a talent show competition, have notable judges on board, and let everyone show their best moves or skill.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Want to make your Christmas party night more realistic and bizarre? How about adding a virtual scavenger hunt that is more like a show and tell game. You can have a notable emcee for this who knows the rules of it. Later, to make the game more intense, you can ask your attendees to find novel items, and the one to show it first wins the round. These novel items could include;

  • A family picture
  • A winter coat
  • Christmas tree
  • A fascinating gift
  • A picture of their pet

Christmas Tree Decorating

We all know that this is one of the conventional practices that’s been followed for ages. But to make it different for a festival happening virtually, you can get your employees or attendees together on a reliable virtual event platform. You can keep a session for Christmas tree decoration, where the best-decorated tree wins an exciting present. To make your audience feel valued, you can set decoration kits to their addresses to ensure everyone has the same item and decorative piece.

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Virtual Christmas Trivia and Quizzes

Online trivia is an exciting virtual Christmas party game to keep the attendees hooked and involved for a longer time. With this happening on Christmas, you can keep the trivia or quiz sessions based on the same. Make separate groups and ask relevant questions like where did Christmas celebrations begin initially, which is the popular carol sung on Christmas, or what is the remembrance of Santa Claus?

Christmas Charity Donations

Festivals are for everyone, so we should try to ensure that no one feels left out. So, to make charitable donations a part of an online festival, you can include a fundraiser event. It will enable participants to contribute their part based on their preferences. Also, as individuals, attendees can consider giving their old clothes, accessories, blankets, or food items to the ones they think need them.

Virtual Christmas Dinner Party

Having team dinners together and that too virtually, sounds interesting right? At times, people bond really well over team parties or team dinners. So, you can make this an essential part of your virtual Christmas night to make people feel more united and deliver real-like experiences. 

Final Word

Virtual Christmas celebrations are great occasions for people to interact and engage with their colleagues, employees, and friends. We understand that with virtual celebrations, it can get a little difficult to organize and execute them successfully with everyone residing in different locations. So, event planners should do thorough research while selecting their ideal online event solution. Remember to take a thorough platform demo and confirm if the latest event technology can satisfy your event terms, including fun pastimes and games to add more excitement to your virtual Christmas party.

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