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Three Huge Spoilers Revealed By The Latest Episode Of Batwoman (S01 E02)


  • Flamebird’s Identity Revealed?
  • A New Villain Unmasked

Will We See A Major Change Post Crisis On Infinite Earths?

The Arrowverse just went darker, with the addition of Batwoman to its weekly programming. The DC Television Universe was already doing really well for itself and the addition of this new show, made things even better. While the show has been rather dark from the start itself, things got a little bit too emotional in the second episode of season one.

Kate Kane’s character saw a see-saw of emotions running through her head, as he tried her best to focus on the task at hand. She finally solved the mystery of her “lost-sister” after all these years of looking for her, something that even Batman couldn’t do.

Through the emotional smoke, a lot of details were revealed and the fans looked rather excited as the beans were spilt. Here are three huge spoilers that we got to know from the latest episode of Batwoman-


Alice Is Not The Main Villain Of The Season

It was quite clear in this episode that Alice aka Elizabeth Kane aka Beth Kane isn’t as ruthless towards her family, as she seems to be towards the World. Her anger is channeled for a certain set of people in particular (her father and the Crows) and she has a soft-corner for Kate.

With that being said, it is revealed towards the end of the episode that Kate’s step-mom has a plot twist of her own too. This points to the fact that Alice may not be the main-villain on the show and just an anti-hero at present, who may reform herself and turn face in the upcoming episodes.

Mary Could Be Bette Kane Aka Flamebird

Flamebird is the super-hero cousin that Kate Kane has in the comics and her real name is Mary Elizabeth “Bette” Kane. A lot of similar names and the family is filled with multiple storylines that confuse most fans. She is a side-kick that Batwoman has and assists her during her adventures along the way.

Now, looking at the name Mary and the fact that Nicole Kang’s character is quite similar to Bette, things could really kick off within the Kane family in the days to come. This family is surely taking things to the next level!!

Red Alice To Feature Post Crisis On Infinite Earths’ Crossover

Barely any characters from the Batman Universe that know Bruce Wayne’s secret live long-enough to tell the tale (especially the ones on the dark-side). Keeping that in mind and the fact that Alice is destined to die as per the comic-book storyline, it is only a matter of time before she turns from a villain to the good side.

It may so happen that the Crisis On Infinite Earths’ Crossover could be her point of reckoning and beyond that check-point, she may turn her character around and reunite with her twin sister. If that is indeed the case, we would have a trio of super-powered sisters running around the streets of Gotham in no time. Women empowerment at its best.

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