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Selma Blair Is Undergoing Aggressive Chemotherapy

Himanshu Goyal
  • Selma Blair has embraced chemotherapy and stem cell transplant
  • She shares her journey with the world
  • She shares that chemo has provided her some relief

Selma Blair has been fighting multiple sclerosis for quite some time now and according to recent news, she has decided to undergo aggressive chemotherapy to treat her condition. She shares a health update with the fans saying that she had run out of options to treat the disease and had decided to take some stern actions to get better.

I Had Run Out Of Options

Selma Blair

The actress aged 47 years old share with reporters that she is currently undergoing stem cell transplant and aggressive chemotherapy to alleviate a few of the ailments and pain associated with her diagnosis. The actress also shared that her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis was made a year ago. Moreover, all the treatments that they had tried to date hadn’t really worked.

The “Cruel Intentions” star also revealed that the disease modifiers they had used did not really worked for her and she was declining quicker than she found acceptable.

In this regard, she also shared that when the opportunity of trying chemotherapy and stem cell transplant was presented to her, she was initially hesitant as she did not want to completely ruin whatever was left of herself and her body. She also wondered why she would put such horrible drugs inside her body. That said, she had completely run out of options and needed to take drastic steps to get better.

The actress also apparently tried a tiny dose of chemotherapy. As a result, she felt a bit of relief which further motivated her to continue with the treatment. Blair, who has an 8-year-old son, also went on to say that the only cure of MS is chemotherapy, and hence, it is her only shot at living.

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Blair Keeps Her Fans Updated Regarding Her Medical Journey

Throughout the entire process of her treatment, Blair has never shied away from share snippets of her medical journey with her fans. She is battling MS and has been very open as well as candid about everything she is going through. In addition to that, she also shared photos of her shaved head and her usual sass. Blair also shared that her hair is not growing in, although she has never minded the loss of her hair at any point in time. The actress even shared that she has heard from many people who are suffering from MS or other chronic diseases. These people are scared and waiting for their condition to get worse.

Blair’s journey of battling this chronic condition is a very inspiring sight as she has not lost hope even amidst such dire circumstances. She is hopeful of recovery and taking all kinds of measures to ensure that she can leave behind this disease and get better with time. It would not be an exaggeration to say that we can all take a leaf out of her impressive book and instil a bit of hope in our lives on a daily basis.

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