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Rapper Cardi B Joins “Fast and Furious 9” in a Circle of Genius Cast

R Varsh
  • After her silver screen debut in Hustlers, the rapper, Cardi B is excited to perform some action scenes.
  • She had received wide praise for her brief appearance in Hustlers along with Jennifer Lopez.
  • The news was revealed through a video clip posted by Cardi’s co-star Vin Diesel along with her on the sets of Fast and Furious.

After her fresh off movie debut Hustler, Cardi B has landed herself another role in Fast and Furious, the ninth installment of the blockbuster franchise. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Cardi has a minor yet undisclosed role in the movie. Everyone came to know about this when Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel shared an Instagram video with Cardi B on the sets of Fast and Furious when they had completed the last day of shooting in the United Kingdom.

Diesel says in the video, “Day 86 on the set of ‘Fast 9’.” He further adds, “I know I’m exhausted. We all gave everything single thing we could for this movie. Put it all on the table. Put it all out there.”

After a long day of shooting, Cardi B and Vin Diesel were relaxing outside when they took this video. Cardi said, “I’m tired. But I can’t wait. I ain’t gonna front. This gonna be the best one.”

Check out the video here:

Many fans took to Twitter to express their excitement for Cardi’s casting:

cardi B
Cardi B

Justin Lin, who directed Fast and Furious 6 is directing the ninth installment of the franchise. The cast of Fast 9 brings the reunion of Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, and Ludacris. Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren are going to repeat their roles from The Fate of the Furious, the eighth installment of the franchise. However, Cardi B is not the only newcomer in this film. She is accompanied by Finn Cole, John Cena, Anna Sawai, and Ozuna. The movie will not include Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson as Deckard and Luke since their characters have got their spin-offs.

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Previously, during an appearance on the show Ellen DeGeneres Show, Cardi revealed that she has signed another movie for a role but didn’t explain things beyond that. “I enjoy the checks!”, she made a witty remark. It’s still unclear that if the rapper is performing any action sequence or making any musical contribution to the film.

Earlier Cardi had expressed her thoughts on working for long hours on sets. She didn’t think of getting into acting for it demands to work for long hours. Talking about her Hustler’s role, she once said, “I couldn’t believe that I was on set for, like, 16 hours”. She further added,

Is this what actors and actresses have to go through? You know, artists, we have long days but it’s just full of excitement…we move around, we’re doing something.

Cardi B

Since its release in 2001, the Fast & Furious franchise has made a business of $5.8 billion worldwide.

The film is set to hit screens on May 22, 2020.

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