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Rapper Cam’Ron’s Girlfriend Tawasa Harris Passes Away

who is tawasa harris
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Tawasa Harris was a beautiful woman and a popular Instagram personality. Her nickname was Tawasa and she was American. Read more..

Tawasa Harris was a beautiful woman and a popular Instagram personality. Her nickname was Tawasa and she was American.

  • Tawasa Harris death – Rapper Cam’Ron Giles’s ex-girlfriend and highschool sweetheart passes away.
  • The cause of her death is still a mystery, although her cousin shared through an Instagram post that she had died of a heart attack.
  • Cam’Ron finally posted a picture of the two and said that he’s heartbroken and will miss her terribly.

Tawasa Harris, the girlfriend of Cam’Ron Giles Jr. and his son’s mother, died tragically recently. Without disclosing further details, a heartbreaking Instagram post by a close friend revealed the news. About Tawasa Harris death, Harris’s friend wrote that he could not believe the heartbreaking event, but Harris was no more. Tawasa Harris was Cam’Ron’s high school girlfriend, and after a breakup, they rekindled their romance after being apart for a long period. The friend who posted the news on social media was Latanya Marie. It is not surprising that the rapper has not yet responded to the tragic news publicly.

Cam’Ron and Tawasa had shared a very long relationship during which the rapper had even called Harris the “love of his life” in a very public setting. Although a lot of news has been circulating, the exact cause of her death is still not clear. That said, Harris’ cousin announced on Instagram that Harris had died of a heart attack.

The rapper has a huge history with Tawasa as they were high school sweethearts. They started as friends and were friends for countless years as teenagers. Then, they started dating each other but broke up in 2002. Cam’Ron resorted to social media to share that the break up had been his fault as he had cheated, lied, and was constantly trying to run after his musical career than working on his relationship with Harris. He shared all these details last year in an Instagram post.

Cam’Ron shares his loss on Instagram with a heartfelt post

Although Cam’Ron has not spoken publicly about the death of his longtime ex-girlfriend, he did post a picture of them on Instagram, sharing his feelings with the world and saying that his condolences went to Harris’s family who has suffered a huge loss. The rapper, aged 43, shared a heartfelt post following the Tawasa Harris death. He admitted that her death had hit him very hard, and this is when he decided to finally speak about his loss to end all the speculations about her death. Cam’Ron even shared in the Instagram post that he had lost a lot of close people in his life and had imagined he was numb to any more tragic losses, but the demise of his ex-girlfriend showed him that he’s not.

Cam’Ron finally put an end to all the rumors and also mentioned that it was a super conscious effort on his part to keep his relationship with Tawasa Harris a secret. After Tawasa Harris death, he wanted to keep things private precisely because of how the media is currently behaving after her death. Speculations are rife, and he did not want to add fuel to the fire. He said that Tawasa was his true friend and he is going to miss her.

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