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Post Malone Surprises Fans At Billboard Music Award

post malone in BBMA 2020

The artists everyone is talking about, Post Malone, surprised his audience by performing from a secret location during the Billboard Music Awards 2020. This was certainly a site to see.

Post Malone‘s most liked song circles has been trending in the top ten songs of the year since the time it premiered September 3rd on YouTube on 2019. It’s been a year but you just can’t get enough of this track.

Listen here:

The song is the best track from the album Hollywood’s Bleeding.

More On Billboard Music Awards 2020

One thing that’s not a surprise is Kelly Clarkson hosting the award show again. For the 3rd time around, she’s done it and she’s done it outstandingly well as always. Other than this fact, the award show had quite a few surprises for the fans of the music.

Who Won the Top Artist Award in the Billboard Music Awards 2020?

Post Malone.

post malone wins BBMA 2020

Which Album won The Top Billboard 200 Album in the Billboard Awards 2020?

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? – Studio album by Billie Eilish

BE wins BBMA 2020

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