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How To Complete The Unfinished Destiny 2 Xenophage With No Side Quests

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Destiny 2 Xenophage is a new questline introduced with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion pack. This quest involves getting your character from level 1 to level 40 as fast as possible, which is a significant improvement over the previous quests that were released prior. The quest is basically an upgrade of the vanilla quest, The Ascendant. The quests do not follow any pattern, but consist of randomly placed objectives that can be reached by moving around the map. Some of them are story-related and some are on optional objectives.

The objectives of this quest are:

kill Xezotl, find the lost Xezotl’s Body, speak with the mages at the High War Zone, and steal the Exotic Light Armor. It involves a lot of going through a lot of scenery and taking some turns grinding or otherwise interacting with random mobs.

The first objective can be completed in less than two minutes if you know what to do. Killing Xezotl is easy, just use a ranged damage dealing machine gun to kill him quickly.

The other three objectives can be accomplished more slowly. However, it is still faster than taking the stairs, which is one of the main objectives of destiny 2.

The first step is to enter the zone and speak with the locals. You will need to activate the Light Lens, which is glowing yellow and then use it on the nearby statue.

The statue has two glowing spheres on its back. Kill all the enemies and robots that spawn as you go down the path. The next step involves going down the path again and fighting against more Xezotsl.

When you enter the next part of the quest the objective for the second step is triggered. Then, proceed to fight the final boss of the novel, an Exalted xenophage named destiny 2 xenophage the Desolate.

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You might think that this is the easiest mission to complete, but this is actually not the case. The first encounter with the enemy here is far harder than the one in the previous part of the tale. This is when you will realize how good the leveling path of destiny 2 really is.

Do not get cocky and think that this is the same fight with the same outfit. This time you will fight an elite squad of the Ad legion. Composed of four MEC soldiers and one soldier that is named Archangel. The story line progresses as you take down the four soldiers and one marine who is named Gabriel.

After the marines and soldiers are killed there are two choices. Continue on the journey or return to the main floor of the heresy dungeon. When you arrive you will see that there are two levers in front of you. Use the lever that lowers the barrier blocking the access to the next level and enter thetics’ Tower. The second part of the story involves the four statues. You need to activate them and place them on the path leading to a secret area where the final fate mission awaits you.

The final battle in the game happens in the crucible. The group fights against the last remnant of the Ad legion and ends up inside the crucible room. There you have to kill the boss and save the president before time runs out. Make sure to get the maximum amount of combos points so that you can finish the level much faster.

For some more tips on the game, have a look at my hub page. In this part I have revealed everything about the first encounter of the novel and about two other areas including a hidden objective map.

The top centre is where the optional quest ‘The Secrets Of Xenophage’ is located. Finally, do not miss the last two pictures in this article. They give an overview of the second to the last boss fight of the novel and also a comparison between the trial and error method with the quest path outlined in the guide.

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