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Best Working Torrent Sites that Works in 2021

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Torrent sites can be dangerous or completely safe, it all depends on the torrent website that you visit. Anyhow, users must know that each and every torrent website that you see on the internet is pirated content.

For users who want to get access to free eBooks, movies, cartoons, web series and other categories can enjoy just by using these torrent sites. There are also options for torrent movie download using your device.

What about the safety of torrent sites?

While talking about the safety of the torrent sites while users access these websites, we can never assure 100% safety to these torrent sites. If there are numerous ads that are popping out from the website, then it is hard to predict the safety of your device. Since there are chances for harmful viruses to affect your device and it might get damaged.

Are these websites legally available?

While talking about these websites they are not available legally since we have seen earlier the content on these websites is pirated. When websites share pirated content which means the copyrighted content will be shared. So in many countries, it is illegal to post copyrighted content without prior permission from the concerned people. 

Is it possible to protect our devices while accessing this website?

Using websites like VPN or tor browser can prevent your device from hackers and unwanted viruses and scams. This also helps you to hide your personal information while you visit any of the torrent websites. Hence it is always recommended by the torrent users’ expert to have any of the websites like Tor browser or VPN before getting into such browsers.

Different torrent sites available:

Here are a few best torrent sites in India that have millions of users visiting their website daily and have a huge number of content. Continue reading to gain some knowledge over those websites.

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Pirate Bay:

This website has nearly 60 million users visiting the site regularly. The website is also offered in 35 different languages. Out of everyone’s expectations, the site got shut down in the year 2020.

The reason for millions of users visiting this website is that it assures the safety of the website. There is a verification about the torrents whether they are safe to access or not. This also does not compromise the quality and format of the video.


This website also has almost 53 million visitors visiting the site each month. The content provided by this website is of high quality and the torrent also makes users enjoy it by offering different categories like movies, music, and TV shows.

The advantage of this website is that it has very limited ads and with the ad blocker you can avoid those few ads that pop up on your screen.


Each content uploaded to this website is gone through a checking process, and all those content that has scams and viruses will be kicked out. It provides a user-friendly experience with also the best quality of video content.


Over 75 million users access this torrent website and this website has a simple and clear interface. However, the users can easily hate this website because of the numerous ads on this website. These ads can also be blocked easily by the ad blockers.


The content quality is available in HD quality but unfortunately, the interface is old-fashioned and not attractive at all. This is the huge drawback that lies in this particular website.


More than 20 million users visit this website each month since the website is more attractive and impressive. On these websites, ads also can be commonly seen and these ads can annoy the users more.

All these Utorrent movie download sites that are mentioned above are easy to access and available absolutely for free.

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We request our readers to read the disclaimer given here more carefully because all the information given above is just to create awareness and for education purposes. But unfortunately, most people assume that there is no issue in using it.

However, we want to claim that anything that is illegal for the government is illegal for us. We strongly support our law and are not with whoever violating our law.

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