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Best 65 inch TVs that you can buy right now in India

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A 65-inch 4K TV is an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade their home cinema setup in 2021 significantly.  As TVs get bigger, they are becoming more and more popular, and while 55-inch TVs have been hailed as being the most attractive, a 65-inch Sony TV is far more impressive.

However, the bigger screen size isn’t the only reason. It is possible to get 65-inch TVs that have a high specification and a 65-inch display. The best specs will require one of the best 65 inch TVto enjoy them, so it makes sense to get the best one to do so. In terms of backlighting, OLED technology, brightness, smooth motion processing, the best 65-inch Sony TV will work better than basic small TVs.

When it comes to gaming or watching movies, choosing the right setting can make a huge difference. 

Popular 65-inch TV Sets 

The LG G1OLED Gallery OLED

The G1OLED Gallery OLED from LG is a stunning addition to the LG’s Gallery series of premium OLEDs. It is unlike previous LG TVs, thanks to a proprietary ‘OLED evo’ technology that makes the panel brighter without affecting blooming effects or, we’re told, adding burn-in risk. 

Featuring Dolby Atmos sound, this is one of the most expensive sets available. The optical properties of OLEDs were pushed to new heights and enhanced by the smart light projection. The tablet comes with a brand new a9 Gen 4 AI processor that moves objects on-screen smartly, upscales, or processes.    

The A90J OLED Series from Sony

Any 4K screen, regardless of the source, provides quality that’s close to what you get from a full HD source. The effects are apparent in every feature – motion control, contrast, the definition of edges, detail levels, and so forth. In addition to 4k content, this Sony TV can also upscale non-4k content. There is no doubt that the Sony A90J offers exceptional sound quality.

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In addition to two conventional bass drivers, the entire screen surface acts as a speaker. There is an intuitive Google TV interface on this TV, as well as the standard Sony design. It features a 3840 x 2160 resolution on its 65 inch TV with an LED display. Any streaming app, such as Google Home, can easily be established. Considering the price, this TV is certainly one of the best options you could buy. 

HiSense H8G Quantum

If you want a 65 inch TV without breaking the bank, then this would be your pick. This 4K TV from HiSense has all the right features at an affordable price. Known for its budget TVs with top technologies at much lower rates, this brand is well known for its technologically advanced budget TVs. 

Their offerings are to be enriched with features like Dolby Atmos audio and LED, as well as Dolby Vision HDR. A similar set of features is available with the H8G. Due to its size and the kind of technology behind it, this 65 inch TV display is an excellent bargain. 

This device has a more powerful and flexible array of backlights rather than simple edge lighting.This product has the simplest design out of all that you can find, but it still has many great features. It has the standard Android TV screen that’s user-friendly. The H8G provides bright, lively visuals and streaming online if you’re willing to overlook the fancy stuff.  

Samsung’s Q80T QLED 

It is not the fanciest QLED on the market, but it offers quite a lot. It is the cheapest QLED that launched last year with a full-array backlight, so there is no need to compromise on edge-lit panels.

This TV offers good picture quality, with bright HDR and AI-enhanced images, making it a good choice for viewers or gamers looking for a new TV. Where looks are concerned, there isn’t anything fancy about the Q80T. It does sport a zero-bezel screen that handles brighter light sources for an exceptional picture accompanied by HDR, AI-powered imagery. 

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A great choice for the complete gaming experience, given consistently low input lag, enabling smooth compatibility with the vast majority of gaming consoles. Additionally, a Game Motion Plus setting is available to enhance gaming experiences, yet the responsiveness remains fairly acceptable at 19.7ms.

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