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Arkansas Lakes Adventure Guide

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There has been a lot of talk about the Lake of Beaver. There are countless blogs, articles, news, documentaries about the beautiful Greek Lake in the US Sea. But not many have made an adventure guide about this Lake. Most people who want to visit Beaver, do so for the crystal clear and beautifully colored water, for relaxation, for the delicious food from the taverns, for the picturesque walks through the Lake’s capital, for the well-known sights of the Lake that we will not list in this article. Because we want to talk about adventure and about areas less known and accessible to the general public.

1. Lake Fort Smith and the surroundings of the area.

Lake Fort Smith is one of the most beautiful areas of the Lake of Beaver, due to the color of the water, the bars arranged on the rocky cliffs and the wild beauty that surrounds the entire area. You have to be careful if you are sensitive to temperature differences, the water of the Ionian Sea in this area is quite cold especially at the beginning of the season (March-July), due to sea currents and especially due to the cliffs that surround the whole area, including a good chunk of the seabed.

 We took a whole day to explore as much of the beauty of the area as possible and decided to do it by swimming. Be careful, you have to be a good swimmer to be very good, to be a person of endurance and to be in good health. You also need to keep track of the weather and the intensity of the waves. There should be no lack of water raft for your safety. We started swimming next to several beaches and wild areas, with snorkeling goggles in our eyes and we started exploring the depths. In total, in one day I swam about 8km along the shores with my wife. I can’t say it was easy, we used several beaches to rest, at one point we slept 🙂 That’s how we found the underwater cave Lake Fort Smith, whose video you could watch under the title of the post . The first time we arrived in this area, we were the only ones swimming. Boats came with tourists and everyone wondered how we were in that area without a boat.

The true beauty of the cave is to enter between the rocks, to dive and to pass through its “eye”. You will swim through a multitude of brightly colored fish, and the sun that is reflected in the sea water will give you the impression that the blue eye is looking at you and waiting for you to enter through it as through a portal. Below you can see the map of the area and two pictures of the area.

The second time I was in the same area, but by boat. I said to take more advantage of the whole beauty of the area and we moved much faster. There are many boats for rent in the Paleokastritsa area. Don’t worry if you can’t find one for rent from the very popular ones. You can try even the least known, the prices are good and they will treat you with respect.

Also in the Paleokastritsa area, but we recommend you go exclusively by boat, there is also a hidden area called Paradise Beach. In this area, the water currents are very strong and it is difficult to swim. The beach is only accessible by water.

 Below you can see the map and how to get to Paradise beach, as you can see in the picture from the boat.

2.  Bull Shoals Lake- Norfork Lake and Millwood Lake

 We love this part of Beaver and have fallen in love with it. Why? Because here you can go cycling and you can do nudism 🙂 You heard right, nudism! Although nudism is illegal in the US, there is such a wild and welcoming area for those seeking absolute freedom that everything is allowed on Norfork Lake. This oasis of tranquility seems detached from the prehistoric era, it has a very wide beach with fine sand, little vegetation specific to very arid areas and clear, calm and relaxing water. We explored these areas by bike and camped for a day in the shade of the tent-shade, enjoying cold beer from the portable refrigerator, being caressed by the sun’s rays in all our splendor.

You can make the best bike rides from Millwood Lake, the hikes are somewhere at 30-40 km, they are easy hikes, with a small difference in level, but you have to be careful with hydration and heat. We have always chosen to transport our bikes from the US, but you can also find bikes for rent in the villages mentioned above.

On Issos beach you will not be able to go nudist, but the sand dunes are absolutely unreal and you have a very wide beach to walk and explore the area. Absolutely wonderful.

3. Greers Ferry Natural Area

One of the most beautiful natural areas of Greece, Cape Drastis will delight and amaze you, and at the same time will make you want to explore every little formation in the waters of the Ionian Sea. But how to do that? Cape Drastis is normally only to be visited, photographed, but not touched, because you can only reach it by water. Boats do not exist in the area and it is forbidden to rent a boat in  Lake Chicot and move to this part of the Lake, due to the rocky bottom and dangerous currents. However, there is a solution and this is swimming.

 In order to swim safely and explore every Lake in the US, you must first make sure that the water is calm, because in the northern part of the Lake, the currents and wind are very strong in the afternoon. The recommendation is to go and explore this area until 2 pm. Also, in calm weather and calm water, the water around the shore of Cape Drastis is very small and you will be surprised that you can walk along the shore. We recommend wearing water shoes, sea urchins being everywhere in this area. Below you can see the map and some incredible pictures.

PS: The swimming coverage area is not nearly as big as in the lake presentation, but we recommend that you do this only if you are a good to very good swimmer, in good health. Water raft should not be missing either.

4. By kayak in the southeastern part of the Lake

Why in this part of the Lake? Because here you find the calmest water, you can walk freely, you can discover pristine beaches and you don’t have to make a colossal effort to reach them. For most of the day, the wind will not cause you any problems and you will be able to enjoy the great calm and kayaking. The best areas for kayaking are Mesongi and Moraitika villages. We were lucky every time, our welcoming host made the house kayaks available to us. You can choose to walk south, towards Lefkimmi, or north, towards Lake, but the beauty is right between Moraitika and Mesongi, where there is a small water channel that enters the interior of the Lake. This canal is an excellent opportunity to explore the area and observe the surroundings.

Beaver is a surprising Lake, one of our favorites and the perfect example that you can do fantastic things without having to reach the end of the Earth.

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