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5 Paris Fashion Week 2020 Facts You Should Know

R Varsh

Let’s talk about Paris Fashion Week 2020 Today! Every year in January and July, Paris Fashion Week hosts Haute Couture Fashion Week and Ready-to-Wear Fashion Week in March and September.

The 2019 Paris fashion week started with the various interpretation of the 70s that went well at Paco Rabanne, an artful dance party by Issey Miyake, and glamorous looks of girl gangs for the runways.

Golden opportunities for lesser-known brands who want to showcase their talent in Paris Fashion Week that they can’t get elsewhere.

The Paris Fashion Week 2019 had concluded with a bang and once again it reminded all of us that fashion is all about being yourself. The real spirit of fashion was observed among all fashion designers that maintained the energy levels of all editors and influencers.

Paris Fashion Week has created its unique foothold in the global fashion industry and we can’t wait to tell you some interesting facts that make Paris Fashion Week favorite of all.

Interesting Facts About Paris Fashion Week

1. The Fashion City – Paris Fashion Week 2020

Paris can be termed as the Fashion City as fashion here is seriously seen as a form of art that involves refined craftsmanship efforts and creative talent. Paris Fashion is considered as the final segment of the big four fashion weeks (New York, London, Milan, Paris). Paris Fashion Week has created numerous spectacular showcases with a traditional touch and garnered a lot of attention.

2. Haute Couture and Heritage

Parish Fashion Week is mostly known for its haute couture and culture. Many major houses that present here are couture that has been made during the mid-20th century.

Givenchy, Balenciaga, Dior, and many others still not only present during Haute Couture Fashion Week but also creatively design ready-to-wear outfits for Parish Fashion Week in March and September.

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3. Dior’s Models and Dancers

The 2019 spring representation of Dior’s was unique and won many praises. The runway was covered with a group of contemporary models and dancers.

All of them were showered with petals from the ceiling. Fashion company Chanel dramatically changes its runway into a beach that had real waves and sand.

Isabel Marant presented her collections in the 1980s disco-themed format and threw a launch party in alliance with L’Oreal Paris.

Paris Fashion Week 2020
Christian Dior show, spring/summer 2019, Paris Fashion Week © Swan Gallet/WWD/REX/Shutterstock”

4. A Huge Audience – Paris Fashion Week 2020

Brands really look forward to presenting their collections in Paris despite they have already presented in other cities. They know that Paris Fashion Week is the place where everybody from the fashion industry will be present.

Thus their collections will be viewed by a larger audience. However, international brands that have made themselves on this runway are expected to come up with diverse and creative fashion ideas to attract everyone.

Paris Fashion Week 2020
Chanel show, spring/summer 2019, Paris Fashion Week © David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock”

5. Opportunities to Lesser-known Brands

Despite its high standards and elitist rules, Paris Fashion Week 2020 is going to be open-minded enough to give opportunities to lesser-known brands willing to come up with out-of-box ideas.

Paris Fashion Week also provides strong opportunities for less-established brands and new-comers to showcase their talent that they can’t get elsewhere.

For less-established brands or new-comers, the effective way to make their entry here is to host the showrooms and hold appointments with press buyers and members.

Design and skills are given prime importance at Paris Fashion Week 2020 and once you master them, you can easily create a foothold in Paris Fashion Week every year.

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