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Your Essential Guide to Properly Cleaning a Whiteboard

Hussain Ali

America is a nation of schools. More than 136,000 schools were in operation during the 2017-18 school year. 

Very few of these schools share things in common. One of those things is whiteboards. Another thing is teacher frustration at cleaning a whiteboard. 

What are the best tools to use for cleaning dry erase boards? What sorts of cleaning solutions can you use? What are some tips you can follow to make the cleaning process easier? 

Answer these questions and you can keep your whiteboard spotless for years to come. Here is your quick guide. 

Use Erasers

The most obvious way of cleaning whiteboards is to use an eraser. But it’s not enough to wipe it over the words you have written. 

Put the eraser next to your writing. Grip it in your hand using all five fingers and apply a little bit of pressure.

Then push it over your writing. Try to use one fluid motion, but you can pull your eraser backward if you missed something. 

Don’t scrub at the surface of your whiteboard aggressively. You may rip off its exterior coating, or you may damage your eraser. 

You can clean your eraser by brushing off the dust on it. You can then mix a little detergent with some water and dip your eraser into it. 

Use Cleaning Solution

If you are noticing streaks on your dry erase boards, you can apply some homemade cleaner. Mix some isopropyl alcohol with warm water and dip a light cloth into it. Then rub the cloth over the surface of your boards. 

As with your eraser, you do not want to scrub aggressively. Apply a light coating of your cleaner and let it sit for a moment. If your boards are dripping wet, you can remove the excess solution with a dry rag. 

If you don’t have isopropyl alcohol, you can use vinegar or hand sanitizer. Dip your rag into a small amount of it and apply it to your board. 

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Do Not Leave Writing on the Board

It is easier to clean a whiteboard when you have less writing to work with. Many teachers write a schedule and leave it on their board every week. This can cause the ink to seep into the board and damage it. 

Remove the schedule at the end of class on Friday. Clean it using your eraser and then write a new one for the week. Try to avoid leaving any other words or numbers on your board overnight. 

How to Start Cleaning a Whiteboard

Cleaning a whiteboard does not have to be hard. Your eraser can do a lot of the work for you. But you need to apply pressure without scrubbing too hard at your writing. 

Whenever you notice streaks, mix together some rubbing alcohol with warm water. Rub the mixture over the streaks with a plain white towel. 

Try to avoid leaving writing on your whiteboards for long periods of time. Erase anything you have left on your board for a week. 

A clean classroom is a productive classroom. Learn more classroom cleaning tips by following our coverage. 

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