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What to Look for in Online CBSE Schools in Dubai

Saba Alam

Dubai is increasingly becoming a choice of Indian parents and expats for their kids to pursue education. This is natural given the modernity and quality of lifestyle that Dubai provides. Dubai is one of the best places to live, shop, educate and thrive as global citizens and expats are leaving no stone unturned to grab the first seats in Dubai schools.

What does CBSE school in Dubai offer?

Central Board of Secondary Education is a board of education started in India and is highly preferred by Indian expats. It provides a blend of interdisciplinary education to  its students. It is preferred by Indians more than ISC or State board education. With the rising number of expats, CBSE board based teaching has found a plush seat in the modern CBSE schools of Dubai.

How is CBSE and Online School Learning Beneficial for my Child in Dubai?

While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a stressor on all forms of life and function, it has also paved ways rather forcing schools to adopt online learning. CBSE schools in Dubai have also opened gates for online learning, infact batches of students have even passed classes in an online learning fashion.

 As the pandemic is on the verge of reducing , it has given a breather to citizens and educational institutions. The idea of hybrid learning meaning learning through both online and offline methods is increasing and is being considered even more effective than traditional learning.

CBSE is interdisciplinary and quickly adapts to the changes which reflect both in its curriculum, teachers as well as students. This will be beneficial for your child in a dynamic environment as that of today’s.

Tie Ups and Higher Education Possibilities with CBSE Schools in Dubai?

Most CBSE schools have a decent fees structure which enables them to create more utility and options for its students. CBSE schools often conduct regular workshops, seminars as well as counseling for higher education purposes. Some schools also do exchange programs with elite universities across the globe. This gives  the students an upper hand to interact with the creme de la creme of the universities and prepare for their choice of career and education.

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Extracurriculars blended seamlessly in Dubai CBSE Schools

Despite the pandemic, CBSE schools have made ways to engage their students to study and learn what they want to pursue in an easy manner. Different extra curricular activities apart from the traditional academia allows students to become social and increase their interpersonal skills. These co curricular activities due to online school learning have even extended to online competitions in fields of artificial intelligence, science, gaming, eloquent debates, socio-political and environmental concerns.

Benefits of CBSE Online Schools and Technological Education in Dubai 

CBSE schools have quickly adapted to the new forms of education through online medium thus making sure that students don’t lose their study years as a result of the pandemic. Technology has played a very important part in this evolution of learning. Schools have partnered with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, etc to create virtual classrooms, breakout rooms, discussion forums to enable an efficient transition.

● Technology has not been restricted to the physical infrastructure of schools using smart learning and digitised schedules, but delved deep into artificial intelligence, virtual reality so students can experience an immersive learning even if they are not able to be physically present.

● Online learning has also helped shy or introverted students to come up and showcase their  talent in group projects and new initiatives. Technologically savvy students at an early age are learning about plagiarism and  the essence and importance of authentic and hard work.

Online schools have also enabled students to learn soft skills that are required in the working industry. Technology using data automatic and big data, the internet of things has enabled schools to save data and also save on paper, keeping their carbon footprint in control. There is immense creativity where students are also taking on roles of the educator by helping teachers in small online glitches. There is a sense of harmony and togetherness through online classes even though students and teachers have not met physically, removing various barriers of age, class, caste, language.

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● Students are given smart gadgets like smart watches to keep a check on themselves and improve interaction, health and communication. Various applications are being incorporated to create a seamless portal for parents to interact with fellow parents and teachers, and review their child’s progress. Data automation has enabled teachers to eliminate the work in long tedious registers, but rather do it swiftly online and spend more quality time in training and teaching.

Curriculum in CBSE Online Schools in Dubai-

The curriculum for students in online CBSE is standard across the world, yet tailored according to the cultures and beliefs of the country, and interests of the students. Major focus is on Maths, Science, English, Social Sciences, Arts and now even Mental Health with rising concerns. Students are encouraged to take on subjects of their interest and explore. The curriculum also explores subjects like coding- C++, Java, Webtech, Fine Arts, Physical Education and Mass Media. Students can also select an additional subject of their choice apart from their core subjects to engage in new learnings. Curriculum also encourages activities like dancing, singing, robotics, technology etc to invite students to do serious brainstorming and be exposed and inviting to various cultures, fautes, and learnings.


CBSE education feels like home for many expats while they interact with the local culture as well as international culture making them global students of global schools. CBSE is appreciated across the world and with quick transitions, trained teachers and incorporation of cutting edge technology, online schools in Dubai are increasingly becoming a favourite choice. Students are not restricted, rather pushed to be curious and harmonious individuals. Teachers provide students with the best opportunities and also become mentors for their growth. It is a constant learning process no matter which field the student decides to choose, every field and choice is respected and explored.

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