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University of Canada West

Harish Vaishnav

The University of Canada West is present in downtown Vancouver. It offers online courses and offline courses as well. If anyone wants to grow their talent and wants to get a bachelor’s or master’s degree, they will want to gain admission to the University of Canada west. It offers the best courses and best teachers. You can also get future job placement after completing the courses.

Eligibility requirements

We should also be aware of the courses they offer. University of Canada west offers many programs only in the field of business. Its offers a Bachelor of Arts in business communications, bachelor of commerce, and the associate of the arts degree at the undergraduate level. For those young people who want to become graduates, the university offers only two programs—three by fourth of the MBA foundation program and the full-time MBA program. Students can go for hybrid learning as well. This is a mixture of online courses and on-campus courses. Today, the University of Canada west offers online courses with the option of completing these on-campus in the following years. The online courses are MBA, Bachelor of Arts in business communication, and bachelor of commerce.

The eligibility requirements for undergraduate students are- Canadian high school diploma is required, and an overall score of 6.5 or a better with a minimum of 6 in writing or equivalent documentation of English proficiency is required. Special admission is given to some students who are over twenty years of age, have been out of the high school for two years, and should finally receive the approval from the admission committee.

For those who want to do an MBA foundation program and a full-time MBA, the applicants must have a bachelor’s degree, recognized by a most popular post-secondary institution with a GPS of 3 or above. In addition, they should have good GRE and GMAT marks. The requirement of the  English language must have 6.5 or at least 6 in writing. International students have to apply of scanned copies of all documents. For Undergraduate students, the academic transcripts, AP score reports, supplement reports, financial documents, and others are required. And for post-graduate students, documents like academic transcripts, Resume, financial documents, passports, and others are required.

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There is an application fee. The university of Canada west charges a non-refundable amount of CAD 150 as an application fee for all the courses. Depending on the program and course, the tuition fees vary.

If you want to apply to the university of Canada as an undergraduate candidate, then some steps are taken into consideration. First, we have to consult with a equipment adviser of the university of Canada west, all because we have to choose a program that best meets our needs. We have to ensure all the requirements for the programs and English language proficiency have met to our needs. It is most important to complete the admission form. We have also to submit an official proof of English language. And to accept the offer before it expires is very important.

Admission requirements

  All students have to do a little research before they step out for admission to schools in other countries. Applying to Canada west university is not all difficult. There are many universities and schools in the QS ranking of world universities. However, a proper procedure must be followed to get admission abroad. The student must have a passport and visa as well. The student also must learn some foreign languages from IELTS and TOEFL. Just in case you don’t have adequate money to study, then you can get a scholarship from Canada west university, or a student can go for the distance education option. These were the university Canada west admission requirements. You can also consult the Canadian consultancy based in Delhi.

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Harish Vaishnav

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