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Top Tips for High School Students to Stand Out on College Applications

sahil singh

College is an important level in a student’s future and like everything else; college preparation for high school students is one of the most daunting challenges which can be perfectly done with a solid plan in place.

The amount of effort and time you put in preparing for college and with the top-notch support from Indian International School can ease the transition and help you get more out of the experience. The school has helped hundreds of students in Dubai to learn how to prepare best for college.

There are a few things such as proper time management and taking better notes, which you can work on while you are still in high school to prepare for the demands of college. Studying the material to understand the concepts and applying them in the classroom is paramount to securing good grades. However, many students do not practice effective learning methods in high school, resulting in either they memorize and forget information, or don’t fully grasp the concepts.

These study habits can negatively impact students and roll over to college, making the transition to a college and the load on the course they choose even more difficult. Inculcating good study habits can lead to better grades and is very important as admission officers at colleges look at the grades of high school when evaluating applications. Therefore, it’s vital to understand and assess why you might be getting less than expected grades, and most of the time, poor study habits are the culprit.

Developing good study habits in high school will increase your chances of getting admission to a top college. A college education is something that pays off, but being fully equipped to handle university-level classes before entering college from the Indian International School will contribute considerably to the education you receive at a university.

Here’s a lineup of valuable tips to help high school students prepare for college:

1.     School Programs – The advantages of high school programs at the best Indian International schools are immense. Actively participating in these programs helps students to get into a correct mindset to tackle the challenges associated with college and provides the required skills and other important lessons to make sure they succeed at the next level.

2.     Handwritten Notes – Even if you are allowed to use laptops in class, writing down information on a notebook or paper is a great study habit. Studies have found that students taking handwritten notes are more likely to learn better and retain the information. Using a laptop in the classroom or at home while studying can be detrimental to learning as it might leave students tempted to engage in non-school-related activities. So, the best way to grow as an organized and responsible student is to develop your note-taking skills.

3.     Leadership Roles – Colleges are looking for a high-level commitment in a student’s extracurricular activities and the best way to show this level of commitment is through leadership. Take every opportunity that comes your way to get involved in some sort of leadership role as quality upstages quantity when it comes to college admissions.

4.     Time Management – Students need to learn to balance school, social life, and any other obligations they have. Keep a calendar of all important due dates and exam dates. Setting aside a fixed amount of time every day and sticking to a schedule during high school helps you manage your time effectively and also keeps you on the right track to focus on your future educational and career endeavors.

5.     Get a Mentor – Having a mentor to guide you in the right direction can only make your high school life incredibly interesting and satisfying. A guidance counselor, a parent or even your tutor as a mentor can help you know yourself better and lead you to take the best paths.

6.     Be Responsible – Attending classes regularly is mandatory in Indian international schools. One of the considerations students get in college is whether or not they go to class. Most students tend to take advantage of this and needlessly skip classes. Attending classes regularly is very crucial for your success, as lectures and classroom activities give you most of the content that comes up in your exams. High school is the perfect time to inculcate the habit of attending classes regularly and learning what it means to be responsible.

7.     Focus on a Career – As the interests of many students can change, focusing on a career right from early high school days can help you choose the right college. It’s never too early to begin exploring possible career options.


High school days are the best time for students to hone their education skills so that they would be able to independently tackle their work and acquire greater knowledge in pursuit of their college and career paths. They aim our handful of tips at helping students prepare for the next and most important chapter of their life.

sahil singh

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