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Top Curricula in the Best Ahmedabad Schools

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India is one of the most diverse countries that houses different people belonging to different religions, cultures and ethnicities. The people of India celebrate various festivals with some of the most unique and delicious delicacies cooked during these occasions. 

Culture and its distinct values plays an important role in every Indians’ life right from their  childhood ages. We can find this cultural diversity and its representation in Indian schools as well. 

Almost all schools in India celebrate various festivals during  cultural day and school day, encouraging kids to dress according to the occasion, hosting competitions like Rangoli and other cultural activities for higher grade children and much more. 

Method of celebration differs from school to school and festival to festival which makes India one of the culturally diverse countries to study in. India also welcomes a wide number of International students every year who enrol into some of the best schools in various parts of India, Ahmedabad being one of them. 

Top Curricula followed by the Best Ahmedabad schools

Ahmedabad has some of the best schools in India that offer various curricula like the CBSE for higher education that consists of advanced activities and subjects that focus on children’s intellectual development as well as their overall development making schooling a memorable and impactful journey. 

It also offers the Montessori curriculum for kindergarteners that enables them to build a strong foundation in basic academic skills and other aspects like independent learning and social awareness. 

It is important for parents and teachers to create a positive image of learning and education for children from the get go as it will help them not only in their higher education but also in the outside world. Hence, finding a good school with the right curriculum becomes an important task.

Excellent Kindergarten Curriculum for young children

Ahmedabad schools have the perfect environment needed for Kindergarten children, thanks to their unique Montessori program which is a curriculum for kids aged 3 to 5 years. 

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The teachers of Montessori are highly trained to nurture the young minds and cherish their thoughts while molding and providing them the much-needed guidance and direction. 

Ahmedabad schools are known for their innovative approach towards education and academic excellence and their award winning curricula that open several doors of opportunities for children making them one of the best schools in India.

Robust CBSE Curriculum for Grades 1 to 12

If you are searching for CBSE schools near me, you must definitely agree that the CBSE curriculum is better than other curricula in India and the best Ahmedabad schools incorporate this curriculum. 

CBSE is the acronym for the Central Board of Secondary Education that belongs to and is recognised by the government of India. It is a board for public and private schools. 

Ahmedabad schools that follow the CBSE curriculum offer a variety of subjects that are way advanced than that of the State Board or other boards in the country. CBSE offers subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Political Science, Economics, Business Studies, Sociology, and Geography.

CBSE also holds an advantage in the educational and career spectrum of an individual as we recognise CBSE nationally as well as internationally. It gives students the flexibility to travel from one place to another in terms of education and furthermore to pursue their careers too. 

CBSE curriculum provides an encouraging environment for students that not only focuses on their intellect but also their personality which aims to prepare them for the outside world, making it an ideal choice for students as well as parents.


Ahmedabad has some of the best CBSE schools in India  giving students a great schooling experience while creating great opportunities for children in their future. 

Ahmedabad schools give students the classroom experience from Kindergarten itself and pave the way for their higher education with facilities like University placements and advanced infrastructure making India and Ahmedabad a great choice for students and parents for a smooth and successful academic life. 

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The next time you look for the best CBSE schools near you, do not hesitate to visit the school and learn all about their best practices and their holistic approach to education.

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