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Tips from International School on how make the most out of High school

Aaron Watson

Gearing up for your high school? Great! No matter what stereotypes you may have heard about high school, it is a magical time where  the students have an opportunity to learn and grow into young adults..

However, it is also overwhelming as the academic success is important to get in the entry to top universities and pave the way toward a bright future. 

Academic success in International School does not mean that you cannot enjoy these crucial years. There are ways to make it more enjoyable! And you should know how to manage your home and school time  so that  you can enjoy both worlds.

Follow these tips from an International School to excel in your high school.

Explore and Find Your Passions

As a high school student, it is the right time to explore the areas of study and extracurricular activities that you’re passionate about and then really delve into the subjects and activities you love the most.

High school is all about growth

Studying in an International School will enable you to  develop a love for learning throughout your life. Focusing solely on grades will lead to a pressure-filled experience in high school. 

Learn the art of Time Management Skills

Learning time management skills will help you balance your study and extracurricular activities and will make the transition to college and your professional life much easier. You can accomplish time management in whatever ways that work best for you, You can create  a to-do list, calendars, and set goals, etc. Prioritize the most important tasks and do them first.

Follow Good Studying Habits

Following Good habits helps you in the long run. Prepare notes, review them everyday, highlight the important parts so that it becomes easier during examinations.

Talk to Counselors

Have doubts about something? Talking to your teachers or counsellor will help you manage coursework and school years.

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Take care of your Health

You cannot have academic success if you are not physically or mentally healthy so make sure you exercise, follow a balanced diet, read self help books, meditate, keep yourself positive, carve out time for mindfulness in your day, and spend time with your loved ones. 

Why choose CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad 

Choosing the right high school means half your  job is done, while the other half is taken care of by the school where they prepare students for all walks of life.

  • CBSE Indian curriculum is rated high globally because of the robust syllabus and cutting-edge advantage.
  • It has a lower student-teacher ratio which guarantees better attention to each child. 
  • A school has state of the art facilities which helps in the academic performance, mental and physical growth of the students. 
  • It provides children with ample opportunities beyond the academic curriculum. It encourages creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and prepares students to achieve success in the 21st-century world.
  • Its academic results are consistently great
  • Fees are highly affordable along with the opportunities of having scholarships to secure parents from financial burden.
  • Students have equal opportunities to succeed. They are equipped with all the resources and facilities where they can gain overall development.  


Know more about the legacy, facilities, pedagogy, extracurricular activities etc of CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad to give a great future to your child. 

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