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The value of HR Certifications around the world

Niti Sharma

In recent years, human resource professionals have been appreciating the merits of human capital management credentials. It is not just enough to possess the basic requirements to stay competitive in this dynamic business world. One needs to have qualifications that set them apart from others.

 Certified HR professionals are increasing in number which indicates that these credentials are now treated as fundamentals for human resource professionals seeking growth in their careers. Whether it is dealing with employee benefits, talent management, payroll, risk management, or labor relations, the necessary skill sets to pass HR certification programs become requisites by employees and employers. Provided below are the ultimate reasons that will push you towards earning HR certifications.

Significance of human resource certifications

HR certifications are considered beneficial by the employees as well as the employers in the human resource profession. As per the human capital employers of the U.S, these certifications add credibility and validity to the department, provide developmental opportunities, assures up-to-date knowledge, and most importantly, ensures that the employee is of much more value to the organization.

Personnel professionals on a global platform greatly value human resource certification online. It is considered as an opportunity to help employees become skilled in their profession and add more integrity to their company. According to a survey conducted by PayScale on a sample population of 102,000 professionals, at least one of these certifications was possessed by more than 33 percent of surveyed candidates. HR certifications have become a standard requirement by most of the employers these days as it promises organizational and employee success.

Human capital management certifications help in gaining global perspectives, improving group decision-making among peers, and adding better professional value. Feedback by a certified HR professional is always given higher consideration. Research conducted by the HR Certification Institute discovered that over 50 percent of employees thought that obtaining human resource certifications online is very important for professional growth and more than 40 percent of respondents found these certifications adding value to their career profile.

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Who are eligible for HR certifications?

While professionals with years of experience will stay up to date on new human capital management procedures and policies from the techniques developed using these programs, beginners with little or no experience in the human resource field can also opt for these programs to freshen up resumes. This comes from the fact that multiple benefits are offered by human capital management certifications both from a professional and educational perspective. 

Top institutions offering HR certifications

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM): It is a member-based company that offers competency-based certifications SHRM Senior Certified Professional and Certified Professional (SHRM-CP). The SHRM-SCP certification benefits professionals seeking to lead an HR department and develop strategies whereas the SHRM-CP intends for professionals who are beginners and seek to perform operational HR functions.

Talent Management Institute (TMI):  This institute is a world leader in credentialing talent managementor best HR certifications online offering knowledge and state-of-the-art resources upgrading HR professionals to global leaders. It offers Talent Management Practitioner (TMPTM) certification for beginners, the Senior Talent Management Practitioner (STMPTM) best serves mid-career HR professionals looking for role upgrades. The Global Talent Management Leader (GTMLTM) program focuses on career renovation for global leaders and is designed to make them strategically capable enough to forefront their company’s human capital function.

Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI): This institute offers Associate Professionals in Human Resources (aPHR) certification for beginners seeking to set their HR fundamental and foundational knowledge covering topics on employee relations, personnel operations, and recruitment. The Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), certification allows an individual to master the policy-making and strategic aspects of personnel management. It is specifically designed for professionals engaged in HR policy planning and responsible for departmental goals.

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