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The Ultimate Guide to Getting A Full Knee Replacement

Aaron Watson

Full hip and knee replacements have become commonplace surgeries in these times. The first knee replacement surgery was performed in 1968. The way medical technology has advanced in this regard is exceptional. However, there can be a lot of myths about the same, and busting them is easy. 

Firstly, many people directly relate this to aging, but one might have to go through this due to arthritis or any knee injury. Secondly, a lot of people think that their sport-loving athletic days are over post such a surgery, but that’s untrue. A knee replacement can bring oneself back to their feet. The notion of a long post-recovery period is a wrong one. Keep in mind that the basic activities of our day-to-day life are sometimes hindered by knee pain. Hence, when recommended by the doctor, it is considered to be the appropriate time for surgeries.

The consensus of joint replacement surgeons is that the post-recovery regiment is getting easier and shorter. In fact, in this guide, we also need to emphasize that there is no problem bending one’s knees post replacement surgery. People may think that they might need physiotherapy post-surgery. But if the numbers are to be believed, 99% percent of people don’t need any sort of physiotherapy or any other medications.

There is nothing to worry about when it comes to comorbidities, as they are being talked about a lot. Doctors say that patients with blood pressure and diabetes can also undergo joint replacement surgery of their knees. Thanks to ever-evolving technology, this field is more than dynamic now. Among all of them, total knee replacements are one of the most popular procedures. According to the latest estimates, the life of an artificial knee has increased to roughly 20 – 25 years, thus making this surgery one of the most sought-after. In fact, for the people who are intimidated by pain, this is a painless surgery. The pre-anesthesia helps put the pain out, and with modern-day pain management, this is even better. Estimates show that over 12,0,000 knee replacement procedures take place in India every year. This number is now steadily on the rise.  

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A majority of patients report complete relief of their arthritic symptoms once they have recovered from a total knee replacement procedure. Therefore, the decision to undergo a total knee replacement is a “quality of life” choice. Some of the symptoms which should be seen as red flags include intense pain. It also includes sudden flare-ups in pain in the course of regular activities. Moreover, stiffness in the morning or after a period of inactivity declares the presence of arthritis. In most cases of arthritis, it’s the wear and tear that leads to knee replacement surgery. Also, if one faces some kind of swelling, there needs to be immediate medical attention given to it.

One difficulty faced by surgeons and doctors in India is the problem of awareness. A lot of patients ignore the early signs their knees give them. This problem has to be tackled immediately. If one feels any form of knee pain, there must be immediate consultation. According to doctors, 100% recovery is possible only if the symptoms are checked early before the window of surgery closes. Plus, with many people having their reservations about surgeries, it acts against the interest of the best possible care. A lot has been done for the same to dispel the concerns one may have about the surgery. 

Full knee replacement surgery, there needs to be a high level of psychological motivation to make someone undergo this procedure. Following this, one needs to be in high spirits to be on the road to recovery. It may sound tedious on paper, but practically speaking, this road to recovery guarantees the patients a lot of joy, pain-free days, and rehabilitated lives at the end of the tunnel. 

When it comes down to pricing, this procedure is now as cost-efficient as it can be. In the past five years, there has been a 69% de-escalation in prices with better implants. Health insurances which are now common, cover it too. All cashless (TPAs) facilities cover this procedure. All government medical panels also have this treatment on their radar. Thus, it’s light on a patient’s pocket and validates how much this treatment is efficient, coming with a guaranteed success to help knock out the pain. 

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Thus, one can look at their options and weigh them. With proper consultation from their surgeon, one can successfully get a pain-free life. It’s all about wanting better days for your knees, and knee replacement surgery is a guaranteed key card for that. 

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