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The AI market is flourishing and so should your career!

Alen Parker

AI continues to flourish you can take advantage of it to make your career flourish too. Hence, get enrolled for AI courses today!

A Gartner report of November 2021 suggests that the revenue generated through AI software industry would be around $62.5 Billion in 2022 itself. The amount should not be surprising though given the increasing demand for AI and the incredible nudge provided by the global pandemic. Other credible reports suggest that the compound annual growth rate of the AI market would be around 39.7% and the total revenue is projected to reach $309.6 billion within 2026. The key driver for such demand has been the increasing importance of AI driven business strategies so much so that business leaders say that businesses today will have to deploy AI in order to stay competitive.

Amazingly enough this is incredible news for students and professional around the globe and especially in India. Experts agree that the only restraint in the AI world is the lack of sufficient numbers of AI experts. Thus, if fresh graduates are seeking a career full of growth and opportunities or a career offering unrivalled job security and stability then there is nothing compared to AI. Students getting enrolled in AI courses are not only guaranteed to getting placed in the desired job role or industrial sector but also an opportunity to work for the best!  

This is also true for existing professionals looking to switch career provided they are determined to acquire new skills and meet new challenges. All they need to do is go for online or offline ai courses and get trained on all the necessary skills to be hired as an AI engineer or AI expert.

Perks of joining a good AI certification course:

  • You get to learn all the key concepts needed to become an expert in AI. For instance, you must have basic understanding of mathematics involved in AI such as linear algebra, game theory, logistic regression, probability and statistics. Revisiting such concepts is an important part in your journey of becoming a professional AI expert.
    Moving forward you will also be needed to become acquainted with concepts of Machine Learning, Supervised and Unsupervised Learning methods involved in ML, Deep Learning and artificial neural networks etc.
  • Developing business acumen is another often ignored but very important step in learning AI. As an AI expert working for businesses, you will need to isolate the business problems required that can be solved using AI and then devise a strategy to help solving such business problems. Businesses do not want random deployment of AI just to flash the tech-edginess and business leaders do not invest on AI just because everyone else is doing it. Seeing actual growth through AI is the goal and without a keen business acumen it will be a tough job for an AI expert. Joining a good and reputed institute such as the Analytix Labs will help you understand how to solve business problems using AI.
  • Practical projects is the key in understanding AI. Enrolling in an AI certification course which offers enough practical projects is an essential element in gaining command over AI related tasks. Without enough practical projects it is very difficult to gain expertise on the subject and once you successfully complete a real-life practical project only then you will be able to grasp the common challenges and uncertain scenarios that may arise in deploying AI.
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Perks of becoming a certified AI expert:

You can make your career flourish by joining a good ai course. An AI certification program will provide your career a definite boost so that you are able to land on exciting job offers. According to glassdoor the average salary of an AI expert in India is around 9 LPA and it can go up to 50 LPA with experience! No other career can offer such remuneration packages and moreover AI skills are future proof which means that you will never have to worry that your career path may become irrelevant anytime in the future. Given the current market conditions, you will be able to land on a high paying and secure job soon after you complete your certification course and score big in terms of career opportunities. Interestingly the government sector too is not far behind in terms of embracing AI. Smart governance is a reality at the moment and the Indian government is keen to embrace AI too offer smart AI based services to the Indian citizens.

Since, AI continues to flourish you can take advantage of it to make your career flourish too. Hence, get enrolled for AI courses today!

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