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Top 10 Innovative Start-up Ideas for College Students

Henry Tesfaye

Running a successful business will not be an easy job, especially when you are in college. Launching your startup business amidst your studies, assignments or extra curriculum can become stressful. This is why it is so vital to pick a business startup idea that suits your academic life. And with the availability of online do my assignment services, it has become easy for college students to make a perfect balance with work and studies.

Most successful businesses have started their entrepreneurial journey right from their college days. However, starting your first ever startup in your college will be very challenging.

If you are unable to figure out how to start your small business, here are a few low-cost successful business ideas:

Start working on your website

Setting up a website is a crucial aspect of any business, and it can be on anything you like. Pick a subject you like and start guest blogging and earning through them. If you have a fantastic skill in writing, you will be able to capture millions of hearts through your content in no time. Nowadays, every business requires websites that can help them get recognised among their target audiences. Find out a business that is looking for assign=stance with making websites.


You must excel at one subject, so why not try to make a little money out of it? Tutor your juniors on the subjects you have mastered. Let students know that you have started tutoring on the subject. While explaining to others, you will be gaining more expertise on the subject. Tutoring usually means taking 2-3 hours which leaves you enough time to study for yourself.

Tutoring businesses can charge by the session or the hour. You can easily market this type of business in your school, public library, or community centres. In addition, communicating with people on the campus can help you expand your business because your students may need a helping hand with their academics.

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On-campus delivery service

There are limited services that deliver goods across campus. For example, a group of students might require a birthday cake delivered, or a professor might need a suit from the dry cleaner. You can earn a large sum of money by saving their time so they can study. This is a great low cost business idea for college students. All you would need is a strong bag for transporting, a bike and a potential GPS (if it is a large campus). Later, you can expand the business idea across other schools or colleges.

Online courses for college students

If you have a speciality or strong interest in any college courses, you can set video courses that others can watch and learn from it. Students often require hearing the course information differently than the professor presents it to understand the material completely. Make sure your course has a different spin than what is being taught. Students will spend a hefty amount to get access to the courses. You can also offer live lessons where you teach several students at once.


Your interest in video making can open up a new arm of the photography business. Your videography skills can create a great demand for making promotional videos for shooting videos at events, for specific nights out or make video advertisements for local companies. All you need is a decent camera and a copy of Final Cut Pro. You will have exclusive rights across every event o venue. You can even license out photography itself to other students.

Sandwich delivery business

This was worth mentioning in the list of startup businesses for college students. Focus on something cheap and straightforward, like crepes or sandwiches. 

However, make sure to have all the crucial paperwork for selling your book. Then, you will easily be able to capitalise on hungry yet lazy students.

Test and review new products

Students like nothing more than freebies. The idea of freebies can help you earn cash. New products require testing before they are launched into the market. Companies look for people who can give proper feedback to improve their products before being sold to the public. The two most common areas of industries that look for testers are electronic and beauty companies. If companies see that you have huge followers and people trust you, many brands will let you keep products for free and even pay you for them. In some cases, you can even sell products you have tested to make more profits.

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Offer childcare

Another popular way of making money as a student is babysitting services. Parents who have to go out for dinner, get together, or business purposes often look for minders who can go after their children after school or while they enjoy a night out. It is an easy way to earn cash for college students who have experience taking care of kids.

Start getting recognised by posting on local Facebook groups or put flyers on buses or in your neighbourhood. Make sure to reach out to local primary schools to find out if they will pass on your service.

Sell baked goods

If you are a bake-off enthusiast, selling cookies, cakes, and other treats might be a fun way to earn money. You can get started with some basic baking supplies. Advertise your baked goods on Facebook and put up flyers at your college. It will be easier to drop around your baked goods if you have got a car or a bike with you.

Dog walking business

If you are a pet lover and enjoy moving outside by walking dogs, this is the best startup business for you. Many dog owners do not have enough time to walk their dogs. There are times when dogs require special attention, especially when they are sick or injured.

The best way to start this business is by reaching out to your family and friends who have dogs. You can also market your service by putting up posts on sites like BorrowMyDoggy or Gumtree.


It is essential to have good communication and organisational skills to start a successful business. You will also expand your connections within the industry to spread the word about your startups. The first step is recognising the right business idea based on your interest, the amount of time you can dedicate to the business and the overall startup costs. This blog post will include innovative startup ideas for college students.

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