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Sources to prepare for State PSC’s & other regional exams

Diksha Bhatnagar

Several platforms allow students to prepare for PSC and other regional exams. Gone are the days when they needed to visit a coaching class to prepare themselves. Several online learning platforms provide students with the necessary study material and guidance to crack such exams. Here are some of the most authentic sources to prepare for PSCs or other regional exams.

StudyIQ Platform

StudyIQ provides students with an updated syllabus and study materials for PCS. The platform is one of the most popular sites to prepare for such exams. Every portion of the syllabus is intricately covered by professional mentors on this platform, with several mock tests that help students check for their competence level. Studyiq is also one of the most affordable online platforms for students. It would be best to review the free StudyIQ material on different exams to understand the platform better. As the general knowledge and current affairs section can be build through their Youtube channel & they have specifically designed smart courses for every state psc & regional exam for preparation.

Standard Books

For every state PSC exams there are some standard books for their particular state exam make sure to go through those while preparing ( For eg:- If you are preparing for MPPSC make sure you go through books like Madhya Pradesh General Knowledge ,etc.)


For test series & mock tests part you can go through platforms like testbook for preparation.

So overall through these platforms/sources you can cover cover every subject for your regional exams or for state psc.

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