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School Admission Process in Bengaluru Schools Explained

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Bangalore is one of the metropolitan cities of India equipped with the best services, facilities, shopping, experiences, technology, and lifestyle. Education as well here stays on the frontier. Bengaluru schools are at the top of their game whether it is technological advancements, partnerships with universities, exposure to the students, student exchanges, curriculum, counseling, you name it and a good Indian International Bangalore school will have it. But, in such a busy city, the procedure can become daunting.

When do you take admissions in Bengaluru schools?

Bengaluru schools generally start taking admissions starting from the month of June, but this is not stringent. As and when the seats are available or a school expands, school admission in Bangalore is open throughout the year. But, it is a good idea to start enquiring about different schools and choosing, applying to those that fulfill your needs.

How to Approach School Admission in Bangalore?

  •     If you want to approach a school in Bangalore the best way to go around is usually their own website. A good school in Bengaluru will have its admission process listed on its website. This may start with an inquiry form where you will be asked for your details, what you are looking for, details, etc. The school then gets back to you by email or a call.
  •     A lot of schools also have designated counselors who take aspiring students and their parents through the school, its values, morals, curriculum, campus, procedures, etc.
  •     You may also request a virtual tour of the campus and teaching modalities and clear any doubts. You will be provided with the school prospectus, facilities, brochures or any other important information you might need.
  •     You will then be asked to fill an admission form and complete procedures like submitting documents of vaccination, identity certificates, transfer certificate, recommendations, photographs, affidavits etc if applicable. The list can be exhaustive given the school, the class, and the documents required.
  •     You can also request to speak with the faculty, get their qualifications, ask about special aids in case your child needs additional support or care.
  •     It is very important for you to clear all your doubts, figure out transportation, uniform, meal plans, daycare, stationery, additional costs, extracurriculars or equipment that may be of interest to your child.
  •     A lot of Bengaluru schools offer you to book a meeting with their cell who will take you through all the details and requirements whether it is your interview, your child’s interview, waitlist, academics, etc.
  •     If these options are not available, you can also directly email the school or call on their number. Some school websites in Bangalore have bots that get back to you. This is a good sign since it indicates that the school is up to date with technology or at least in the running league.
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 What School Fees Can I Expect in Bengaluru School?

Schooling in Bangalore can be an expensive affair, however, sending your child to an International school might not cause a big hole in your pocket if you plan at the right time, sort out your finances through various bank loans, schemes, and in some situations, even some companies pay for your child’s education in part.

But, what can you expect to be the school fee of schools in Bangalore? It may vary between Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 3,00,000 per annum. Additionally, you may have to pay for transportation, meals, field trips, uniform, stationery, etc.

The fee for Kindergarten schools in Bangalore is around Rs 40,000 to Rs 1,00,000 though this may vary with different services.

CBSE schools in Bangalore charge around Rs 1,00,000 to Rs 5,00,000 varying from grade to grade and according to the curriculum provided.

Remember, that most schools have a fee hike each year ranging from 5% to 20%. You may check with the school you are enrolling in for the same.

Do  School Admissions in Bangalore have Scholarships?

Yes! If you are a single daughter or a sibling, international schools have provisions for scholarships. Schools also have scholarships based on excellence and performance in different areas like academics, sports or other extracurricular activities. If you are struggling financially, some schools also have aids for the same. You may enquire by sending schools mails or check on their websites as well.


Schools in Bangalore are exceptionally well equipped with traditional morals, and modern technology and equipment. They may come at a seemingly heavier price, but if you find out the right ways and plan in the long term,  your child will get the best education that is apt for their unique growth. It is important to understand that school fees also change with different curriculums, like International Baccalaureate, Central Board of Secondary Education, Montessori, American Curriculum, etc. The fee may also vary with the stream that your child may choose in senior secondary adding in laboratory fees, extra equipment, and different models. You may want to keep that in check as well before you look for school admissions in Bengaluru

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