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Save Lives in the Rainy days with these Guidelines

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Your Guide To Be Safe In Rainy Weather

A lovely rain, a cup of tea, and a book, a combination everyone wants to have. Sometimes it is not what you get, you need to have the other side of this lovely rain. Imagine you are stuck on your way to your home while it is raining cats and dogs. Before looking for a house for sale in Karachi, you must prepare yourself for the rainy season. Though there are plenty of options related to property and handyman services at JagahOnline as a one-stop solution. 

Watch out for faulty wiring.

In the rainy season, all you have to watch out for is electrical appliances and wiring. They are lethal that could change everything forever in terms of life and death. If there is any faulty wiring in your home or your neighborhood, you better make yourself electric-proof and cover it


Avoid driving fast

When it rains, roads become slippery because of the absorbed oil and other materials on them. You apply brakes abruptly and you find yourself on a buttery slate. Things slip out of your hands in a few seconds. The most common thing that is observed is the skidding bike riders in rain caused by speeding.

Stay away from stagnant water.

Avoid walking in stagnant water, use sidewalks instead. Stagnant water hides the puddles that might break your foot by falling in them. Things get worse when there is an electric wire dipped in it. It is a grave situation where you don’t want to be. You could get bitten by insects waiting for you in that water. 

Dengue fever is also very common in some countries because of stagnant water and a few similar reasons. 

Watch out for your kids.

Kids wait for the rain so they can play with their hearts out. Make sure they can’t get close to any electric appliance or board. Not just that, keep an eye on them so you can instantly respond to an unlikely situation.

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Never touch any pole.

While treading in rain, avoid touching not just electric poles but also other metallic objects. Since electricity tends to flow better in rain, it can be fatal if you lose your reflexes. Poles are an open invitation of electrocution for those who are not aware. 

Never stand under a tree.

Trees tend to catch electricity in a thunderstorm. Because of their tall structure, trees become a conductor to connect electricity from a thunderstorm to the ground. It will be a bad idea to look for shelter under a tree. 

 Fill your fuel tank.

Make a habit of keeping your fuel tank with adequate quantity so you can’t get stuck anywhere. In rainy weather, you need to drive slowly, which can take more time and fuel to reach your destination. It also helps you survive a longer journey if you miss out on any fuel station.

Avoid uncovered snacks 

Rainy water is not clean as you think, it becomes droplets of contaminated water when it contracts with air pollution in highly polluted areas. People contract flu in the rain that can spread through these uncovered snacks on the stalls. Always use homemade snacks in this case to avoid harmful consequences. 


Be safe and save others in the rain, you never know when a devastating accident is waiting for you. Rain is a sign of love and hope that becomes a memory of sorrow for some people because of negligence. Ensure to enjoy it meticulously. Succour lives with these helpful tips. If you need more adroit tips, check out blogs at JagahOnline. If you are in search of any house for sale in Karachi, you may want to make your house rain-proof to avoid any of the above issues.

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