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Rudraksh Immigration Ranks The Top 5 Countries For MBA

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In today’s era, the economic prowess of a country represents its global status. For boosting the economy, businesses of a nation must thrive. We live in a consumer market where companies have become super powerful. To establish strong businesses, people are queuing up to get the best education possible.

This naturally makes them inclined towards doing an MBA program from reputed universities of the world. Rudraksh Immigration Group ranks the top 5 countries that are favourite for the Indian students to migrate to.

1. United States of America

The US, being the top destination for potential MBA students is no surprise to anyone. Some of the biggest entrepreneurs of our generation have completed MBA programs in some of the most famous universities in the States.

The entrepreneurial culture, spirit, global companies, networking, exposure to global markets, etc are some of the reasons why it is a great idea to pursue MBA from world class B-schools like Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, etc.

The only downside for many is the tuition fees for these prestigious institutions. It could range anywhere from Rs 60 lakh to even Rs  1 Crore. However, if you manage to make use of your study program and networking, you could see that kind of money coming around in the form of high salaries too.

2. United Kingdom

One of the top countries for Indians to study almost anything outside India, is the UK. The ties to England are quite ancient. The culture of Indians moving there is well-established. Being a lot closer to India (compared to the US) also makes it an attractive package for Indians looking to do MBA abroad. What is more relevant perhaps is the fact that an MBA course in the UK might cost you somewhere in the vicinity of Rs 40 lakh to Rs 70 lakh.

This, too, is significantly lower than the US. UK is a much compact country but houses some of the world biggest companies in the heart of the land, London. Almost all the major global companies irrespective of the industry, have their offices in London.

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UK’s prestigious business schools are also concentrated in and around London itself. This potentially, allows students to secure internships and networking in such huge companies right from the college days.

3. Canada

Another North American country gaining immense popularity among the Indian students lately is Canada. Apart from having friendly migration policies and welcoming native population, the country is home to some of the most prestigious educational institution in the world.

The economy of the nation is booming and establishing a business there could be really successful. If one decides to pursue MBA from there, he/she gets exposure to a diverse culture and international business which could prove to be of paramount importance once you decide to open your own company.

4. Australia

The “Land Down Under” ranks quite high in terms of the English-speaking nations offering quality education. The distinct lifestyle of people in Australia and some well respectable business schools ensure that your investment in pursuing MBA from Australia will pay off in the end greatly.

If someone is looking for a relatively off-beat destination away from the hustle and bustle of the west, so to speak, Australia presents a great opportunity to experience that.

5. Germany

One of the biggest economies in the world and the biggest in Europe, Germany has become popular recently after many students chose it to pursue higher education. While most engineering courses in most public universities are entirely free of cost, the MBA course are nowhere close to being as expensive as in the countries mentioned before.

A culturally rich land situated in the heart of Europe which is also an economic powerhouse might know a thing or two about business and innovation. One could definitely consider it as an option to experience something completely different to other countries. However, just make sure that you invest some time to learn the language, even though the MBA course are offered in English.

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If you are interested in going to any of these countries to pursue higher education, make sure to consult Rudraksh Immigration in Mohali. They have over 28 years of experience in this field and are up-to-date with the latest migration policies of these countries.

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