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Reasons Why Young People Fail in College

Huan Jose

Recently, there have been rampant cases of students failing their exams. Many don’t understand why young people fail in college, yet they recorded better marks at secondary schools. Some students still pass, while others pass some of the subjects and fail others.

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Here are some of the reasons why students fail in college:

 Long working hours

Some students study while working. Many do so to pay their fees and for personal use. Working for long hours negatively affect your studies since you will not fully concentrate, leading to failure.

 Even though working and studying at the same time is fruitful in the long run, you need to balance between work and study. You can only attain this by having a better schedule and optimal time utilization.

Too much partying

This usually affects students who live in college hostels. They misuse their freedom. Partying is not bad, but “too much of anything is poison.” Some students hold parties from Monday to Saturday and get used to drinking.

This leads to the lack of enough time to study and get overwhelmed with the coursework. Finally, they end up failing their exams.

Partying once in a while is good for your mental health and relaxation. But ensure you do everything in moderation. Do not spend most of your time doing gratuitous things since this may cost you in the future.

Poor study habits

Many students don’t know better learning techniques. Most of them apply the same studying methods they used in high school. Little do they know that college studies need more advanced learning tactics.

You must have better study habits if you want to pass your exams. While studying, ensure you have a notebook and pen. Write down whatever you capture. If you feel tired, don’t force yourself to learn.


Do not study continuously. Take refreshing breaks after a specific period to prevent boredom. You will grasp more than before after the break. Adapt better studying techniques and strategies, and you will pass your exams.

Choosing the wrong course

Parents are forcing their children to pursue certain courses due to their big titles. Other students choose a program because they want to be like their friends. When students select the wrong course, they find it disinteresting and challenging in their coursework writing, leading to exam failure.

Never select a course that you are not interested in. Remember, you are shaping your career and future. Follow your heart and choose a course of your choice or do what you love.

Lack of confidence

The majority of college students who fail their exams lack high self-esteem. Most of them lack enough confidence to present their ideas. This brings confusion in the exam room that leads to failing exams.

Poor time management

Proper time management is an essential skill that many college students don’t have. Most of them spend their time doing things that do not add value to their studies and life. Many start to study when the exams are near.

This creates panic, and they end up failing their exams. If you want to pass your exams, create a study schedule and timetable to follow throughout the semester. This will help you not to rush during exam time.

Not attending classes

Many students fail to attend their classes 100%. They copy notes from their friends. Your friends may have written something wrong, or you might not even understand their content. Instructors don’t repeat what they taught in the previous lecture. Consequently, you write wrong things in your papers and fail.

Ensure you attend all classes unless you have a good reason for not attending. For example, you are sick, or you are attending an important family function.

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Exam fear

Fear is the worst enemy in everyone’s life. Phobia is one of the primary reasons why students fail exams. Naturally, many people don’t love exams. Fear can mix up your mind. You can be well prepared, but you get confused and write incorrect answers when you get into the exam room.

If you want to pass your college exams, try to eliminate fear as much as possible. Try to gain courage and know nothing new will come in the exam other than what you have learned.


Those are some of the reasons why young people fail in college. If you want to pass your college exams, adapt better learning techniques and select your course wisely.

Besides, ensure you don’t panic when you get into the exam room. Come up with an ideal study plan and be confident with yourself.

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