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How long does it take to read through the entire Quran for Kids?

Tobias McCree

Reading the online quran academy is simple to begin, but requires some careful consideration. In an online setting, parents have a difficult

Reading the online quran academy is simple to begin, but requires some careful consideration. In an online setting, parents have a difficult time estimating how long it will take to complete the course. There are numerous factors that contribute, as we will see in this blog.

We must first determine which course the student is enrolled in. For the time being, let’s concentrate on the online quran academy with Tajweed. This course is broken down into three course work items:

Time required to read Qaida for Kids completely

The course begins with an understanding of the fundamentals derived from the Qaida. Here are some basic facts about the Noorani Qaida that we usually teach our children. Some of the information presented here can be applied to any other Quran Qaida.

Depending on the child’s intelligence, it can take anywhere from 2-3 days to a week to complete one page of the Qaida. It should be noted that a child who is below average will require more time.

Every day, the Quran tutor goes over a small portion of the Qaida with the child until he or she has mastered it. It should be noted that at first, the child may take more than a week per page. Later on, the child picks up speed and covers more ground in less time.

With this in mind, completing the Qaida should take anywhere from 8 to 32 weeks. This equates to a time span of 2 to 8 months. The above, however, is more mathematical than what occurs in reality. The student is also taught the supplementary topics during class. These topics include Duas, hadith, prayer, kalmias, and so on. Let us apply the 80/20 rule. As a result, since 80 percent of the time is spent on Qaida, we can roughly add one more month to this.

So we’re now talking about finishing Qaida in 3 to 9 months.

The number of classes completed per week is an important factor that defines the period of Qaida completion. If done three days per week, the duration will be between four and ten months. If you work 5-6 days per week, the duration will be 3-9 months. The difference is determined by how quickly your child reads a page per session. In summary:

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Time it takes to read the Quran for Kids completely

Once the Qaida is mastered, the reading of the online quran academy for Children begins. This is the most time-consuming task. Let us dissect it. The Quran contains 6666 ayats, 114 surahs. It will take anywhere from a year to 1.8 years with this method. Again, this is all purely mathematical. When we consider the supplementary topics mentioned above, another 20% of time is added. This means that reading the Quran for children will take between 1.3 and 2.2 years. This is based on a 7-day-per-week class.

Time required to read the entire Quran for Children

Because a child is unlikely to read the Quran seven days a week, we base our evaluation on three, five, and six days per week of class.

For Children Who Are Average or Below Average

The question is how we can improve this time and what factors can cause it to be delayed. Here are some of the factors that can help kids finish reading the Quran in less time.

Attention, Parents

The importance of parents’ involvement in their online quran children’s education cannot be overstated. With an online setup, it is difficult for Quran tutors to easily control children of a young age. As a result, it is critical for parents to sit with their children aged 5-8. Children over the age of eight are more focused and thus easier to manage. The parent is only required to sit for a month or so at most.

Homework revision

Revising the topics is essential for establishing a solid foundation. It is also necessary to revise the course materials. This ensures that your children finish reading the Quran within the time frame specified. If the Quran tutor does not revise, he or she will concentrate on establishing older concepts.

Period of Instruction

A significant challenge arises while teaching a three-day-a-week class. In this case, the child is out of sync four days per week. In practice, sometime is lost revising what was previously taught. On a high level, this equates to 25% of the time. This necessitates a significant amount of parental involvement in order to sit with their children and revise the topic. As a result, we recommend at least 5 days per week of online Quran classes for children.

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Making the course your own

You can request that the Quran tutor reduce the amount of supplementary education. This extra time can then be spent reading the Quran. You can devote your entire attention to Qaida and the Online Quran Tuition, and only after a few chapters  of the Quran have been read, can you shift your attention to supplementary education. Parents can also direct their attention to supplementary education. As a result, the Quran tutor can concentrate on the rest of the material.


To summarize, it takes some effort from both Quran tutors and parents to get children on the right track. This cannot be taken lightly. It takes effort on the part of both parents, tutors, and children. It is a collaborative effort. The factors that contribute and their percentages are as follows:

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