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JAVA vs. PHP which is the best choice for Web

Hemraj Biwal

No matter you have neck-deep experience or parallel ideas. Still, expert opinion matters when choosing between the two most popular programming languages JAVA or PHP.

Java and PHP rule the programming world like Messi & Ronaldo in Soccer. So which is the best in what circumstances? Let’s assure with the following recommendations:

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According to the latest survey, 2019, Java has been an automatic choice because of its stable nature, and more than 41% of developers prefer to use Java compared to 24% in PHP.

All programming languages have their features, but Java and PHP so far have been a revelation. Therefore, if you are quick-witted and desperate to lining up your more extensive projects, choosing Php Web Development with assured players sets the project’s tone.

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You can learn these languages online with 3RI Technology through their online courses, and there are Java classes in Pune.


It is an object-oriented language. One of its great strengths is to run on multiple platforms as it is flexible. Write once, runs anywhere (WORA). It has better-debugging tools, and richer sets of APIs, makings it stable and suited for larger projects.

A language that remained the first choice for developers. And leading the chart for 20 years.

Major companies using Java programming language are Uber, Amazon, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.


Stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is an open-source scripting tool, and an interpreted language suits smaller applications. Therefore developing web pages with PHP makes it quick and highly productive.

Amidst this challenging phase, cost-cutting has become a global norm with readymade webspace; those PHP could be a far better choice temporarily.

Major companies using PHP are Wikipedia, Facebook, Tumblr, Yahoo, and more.

Java vs. PHP: Which suits Best for Programming Language?

When surveying the enterprise level, JAVA has emerged as the go-to language because it has significant benefits.

Let’s go deep to know better.

PHP VS JAVA (Based on 8 Important Pointers)

1. Performance & Speed

For enterprise applications where speed & performance matters most, Java is ahead in the race. If you’re relatively new and have to scratch, your head choosing between PHP or Java. Don’t miss out on which way the community is moving.

While working for an enterprise application, developers often have to burn the midnight oil to streamline complex processes. It helps complex applications to access by a large no. of folks.

And, According to the survey done Sitepoint, they suggest Java is faster than PHP.

2. Which is the Best For Developing Enterprise-based Applications?

Undoubtedly, the latest application of PHP speeds up the process and reduces memory consumption.

On the other side, Java uses various threads to manage and process, making JAVA relatively faster efficient.

In a nutshell: Java is the most-searched programming language. For enterprises, it is a seal the deal thing.

Undoubtedly, (PHP and Java) are both modular platforms, available at paid and free licenses.

However, PHP suits better for small applications, and Java performs better for larger web applications. Java Programming language can communicate with many other systems, including peer-web-services, databases, mainframe back-ends, and databases all in the same form. So say goodbye to your cringe-worthy experience.

Due to enhanced supporting tools, Java Frameworks are well-documented, easier to install, and test artifacts.

3. Ideal Choice for Programming Language to Develop Enterprise Mobile Application

Java is the most searched programming language among developers and enterprises, while PHP is a default application for start-ups.

Java applications are called WORA (Write Once Run Anywhere). It implies a programmer can develop Java code on one system and can run on any other.

Now let’s answer Why Java is WORA?

JVM(JAVA Virtual Machine ) acts as a run-time application. It means Java code can develop in one system and run on another. A programmer can generate Java code on one system and can expect it to run on any other Java-enabled system. It became all possible because of JVM.

“In Java, the program is not converted to code directly interpreted by hardware, rather it is converted to bytecode(.class file), which is interpreted by JVM.So once compiled, it generates a bytecode file, can be run anywhere (any machine) that has JVM( Java Virtual Machine) and known as” Write Once and Run Anywhere”.

The forecast from Statist shows a surge in sales of smartphones from 2016 to 2020 and is expected to cross 1.6 billion by 2020, so businesses are simultaneously investing in mobile enterprise applications.

Unarguably, JAVA the most feasible language for mobile application development. In case you want to use PHP for web development you often have to use different frameworks, which makes it tidy & cumbersome.

4. Which languages Ensure a Secure Platform?

Security is the key to any web application. No one wants to compromise on security, which is why Java has much better security than PHP.

Many studies suggest that PHP and Java are still very popular for web application development even though Python is emerging as a market leader. But because of the robust nature, Java tick all boxes of security parameters.

Many software development companies don’t want to take a chance on security. for web application development over PHP

In today’s digitalization age, applications are susceptible to malware attacks and application security is the pressing concern, PHP, on the other hand, is lagging on the security front. As developers have to use external frameworks for a secured platform.

Conversely, the latest Java version is loaded with robust security features that provide high-end protection to your enterprise application. Therefore, you just keep it simple when choosing Java or PHP,

5. Language Tool

It is the availability of various tools editing, debugging tools, and packing tools that give an edge to Java over PHP.

Java provides many IDEs like Eclipse and Netbeans, which software developers use in the development team. It also provides Notepad ++, Editors, and text editor that ultimately enhance.

Debugging is an essential feature of JAVA. Editors help in debugging and make Java development much swifter, more comfortable, and fluent, whereas PHP has limitations to debug print statements.

Along with, considering the packaging tool, PHP only uses packaging files, so the packaging concept is out of the equation.

6. Java vs. PHP: Which is Better and Easy To Learn?

Learning a new programming language is similar to learning an unfamiliar language. So, it is never easy to understand.

If you’re familiar with the program and initial hurdles, it is easy to write enterprise applications in Java.

SYNTAX IS THE ENGINE OF ANY PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE. It makes it easier for developers to — read and write codes in Java. If you’re familiar with C ++ or C will have no problems in learning Java.

As compared to PHP, Java uses less complicated syntax as similar to the English language with minimal symbols, making it easier for developers to — — read and write codes in Java.

7. JAVA: PHP: Software Development Cost

Amidst this meltdown phase, software development has to be less expensive. Companies opt for PHP as it requires no license fee while using codes,

8. Which Language Has A Bright Future?

No surprises in cut-throat competition, online businesses require a single thing- staying up-to-date with the latest technologies to negotiate the roadblocks.

Indeed, development is a nerve-wracking task for developers. However, it is a different fact that every programming language has its strengths and weaknesses.

Both programming languages (Java and PHP) are being, used on a large scale(with strings attached) to ensure smooth sailing of the future of app development.

The grown popularity, security concern, and rich language features are a teaser among developers. Choosing java web development dynamic language is the key to the longevity of top company’s websites.Java will remain the most demanding programming language among enterprises. To stay ahead in the race!

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