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How to prepare your child for preschool

Priya Negi

Kindergarten or Preschool admission is the first big step or a milestone for your kid and you too. A preschool is a place where your kid will enter academic life. 

In preschool, your child will learn new things as well as some social skills. It will be the first step for them to explore the world. As kids are very curious to know about new things, in preschool, they can satisfy their curiosity in a well-defined manner.

As parents, it is always a concern to find the best preschool for your kid. You may find it difficult but it will be an excellent experience for you. If you are looking for a preschool in Siliguri, you can choose the best one from a long list of preschools.

Why your kid needs a Preschool:

There would be many things in your mind when you decide on preschool admission of your child. Maybe you are more nervous than your kid. All your worries are justified. And to make yourself calm, know that preschool will only help your kid. 

Here is the reason to send your kid to preschool:

  1. Kids are curious about everything; they have an interest in learning new things. Moreover, they can learn very quickly at this age. In reality, a preschool will prepare your kid for the elementary level of education in a fun way. In preschool, your kid will learn but not in a strict environment. Teachers in preschool use fun and playful way to teach children.
  1. A preschool will prepare your child to be respectful, careful, and cooperative towards other people. Your kid will learn the sense of sharing and caring towards other people. This will provide the self-confidence and ability so that your child is self-dependent for his / her minor needs.
  1. A preschool is a great place where a child can learn essential numbers and alphabets. Here your child is not forced to rote learn alphabets or numbers and nor will there be any exams as such. Instead, they will earn these basics through fun activities. 
  1. In preschool, kids learn through structured settings. They will get familiar with their teachers and classmates. They will learn by sharing and following the instruction of teachers.
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Make up your kid for preschool:

After preschool admission of your child, you will get time before he/she joins the school. This is the time you can prepare them with these easy tips:

  • Change the waking up to sleeping schedule of your child as per the preschool timing and follow it diligently.
  • Try to visit the school campus with your child to make him /her familiar and comfortable with the place.
  • Encourage your child to eat by himself/ herself so that he /she can do the same in school too.
  • Every child and parent suffers from separation anxiety particularly with the first preschool that the child goes to. Don’t worry it is a passing phase and as soon as your child settles in, he /she will want to go to preschool even on Sundays and holidays. 


Remember that a preschool, is not a place for a child to achieve academic milestones, rather it is  meant for overall development. So, find a preschool in Siliguri that focuses on holistic development of your child. 

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