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How to Make an Edu Email for Free

Amara Walker

After this pandemic most of the schools and colleges have started to create free .edu email, so that they can communicate with their students easily. Not just students, even others who feel like having an account in .edu can use the method that is given below. It is an US based email which will be in format like your basic info at the first, then @ and then the name of your university and finally .edu. 

Now most of them have this doubt about how to create such an account. Those doubts will be clarified completely with the steps that are given below. 

How to create an edu email?

Step 1: To create an edu email account, you will have to visit the sign up page for opencc or copy and paste this link.

Step 2: Once the signup page appears, you will have to ‘create an account’. There will be an option to begin creating my account. By clicking on it, you can start to create an account. 

Step 3: If you are from the US, then you will have to enter the basic information that needs to be entered. Even if you are not from the US, you can add any place from the US and get a random address generator from google. 

Step 4: After completing the steps that are given below, you can now apply for a Free Edu Email address. Be a little cautious since this is the little trickiest part in the whole process. 

Page 1 of the sign up page:

  • Go to the link that is mentioned above and select the college that is required and click apply. 
  • Then you will have to enter basic information like first and last name, email for .edu, date of birth, phone number, current address and the state of that user, zip code and finally details of your schooling, graduation and educational details must be asked. 
  • After that how to make an edu email, you could add information such as account information, password and then click to create an account. 
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2nd page of the sign up page:

In the second page you will have to add information that is given below.

  • Enter the legal name, if you are creating with fake information, you can get any legal name from the fake name generator site. 
  • Add the details like phone number and email address same as that of the previous page. 
  • In the place of residence you can add any information as you need. 
  • Details like gender, US social security number, citizenship status, date of birth, ethnic background, race, and military status must be added. In the space where emergency contact is asked, you can leave the space empty. 
  • After that click on the save option and click continue. 

In the 3rd page:

This page is allocated to add details that are related to high school information, the name of the state, select any school from the search results and other details that are asked can be left empty. In the box, date earned, enter any date and ‘no’ in the college information. 

After adding up all this information completely, you can click ‘save’ and then continue to the next page. 

4th page of the sign up page:

Now a few questions will be asked and you will have to select the answers that are given below.

  • What is your educational goal? Must be selected as ‘I plan to earn a college associate degree’. 
  • Then fields of interest will be asked where you will have to fill the field that you are interested in and also you will have to select any degree. Save all the information that you have stored and then click continue. 

Page 5 must be filled in the following pattern:

In the place where details related to disciplinary history, you will have to select the option ‘no’. 

Few challenging questions will be asked, filling the answers for each set of questions.

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Then in the signature, you will have to add the name that you have added previously. Finally, click on the save option and then continue. 

Step 5: Then users will have to register for .Edu Email Address and set a password for it. After doing this process completely, now you will be able to access your .edu account.
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