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How to Choose the best Kindergarten school in Abu Dhabi

sahil singh
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The age from 2 to 6 years is one of the most important phases of a child’s growing years. This is when children grasp the basic understanding of the world around them. Kids learn what a society is and how to be an amicable part of it. Also, they learn how to speak, use courtesies, read and write. We teach them the basics of numeracy and the importance of community. They also learn about the environment, its importance, and why it should be preserved. Therefore, it is important to admit them to a kindergarten school that will teach them these important aspects in a platform that is highly engaging, fun, and effective.

What to remember when you want to choose the best Kindergarten School in Abudhabi.

Learning should be fun 

Children retain their concepts under circumstances where they are equal participants and not just receivers of information. This is an important aspect of learning which some of the best kindergarten schools in Abu Dhabi practice. Therefore, take a thorough look at the curriculum and the learning methods of the school.  There should be enough opportunities for a child to explore his activities where we should give the time and the space to conduct a self-initiated learning process. This also boosts their confidence and instils skills like inquiry-based learning and critical thinking.

Your Kindergarten child’s learning needs

Considering that you know your child at close quarters, you might have a deeper understanding of their learning methods, their strengths, and their weaknesses. The idea is to find a curriculum that will improve upon their weaknesses and give them a platform to flourish. If you have a child with special needs or with a slow learning curve, you can think about schools that are inclusive where your child will be cater to in an effective manner.

A host of extracurricular activities

This will enable your children to come out of their shells and build on their innate skills. Like academics, sports, dance, art, recitation, storytelling, and craft are equally important and these activities are known to instill qualities like self-confidence, collaboration, and team spirit in children, Therefore, look for a school that has a holistic program that concentrates on developing your child’s skills in all areas of early childhood education.

The School, its vision and its community

The school’s vision is just as important as its academics. Try and understand how the school is working towards a common goal and if it is in line with your belief system. There are schools that have certain cultural inclinations and there are those that are meant to provide an international environment. The school should also take serious steps in eradicating racism from their classrooms and their campuses. Quite simply, your child should be happy inside a mixed cultural environment where she can warm up to children from different walks of life and where teachers treat all children with equality and respect.

Well-qualified teachers

Your child’s teacher is the first point of contact inside the classroom and she has an important role to play to help your child develop in an environment that is positive, respectful, and trustworthy. It should also train the teacher to teach the curriculum in the right way. So, it is important to check the credentials of the teacher and other guides who will be involved in your child’s education.

Programs to help your child catch up with her peers

This aspect is important, especially when you feel your child is lagging behind in her concepts and learning. You can ask the school about after-school programs or bridge programs in which teachers make sure to bring every child up to date with the class curriculum. Some of the best international schools offer a bridge program and other extra classes that can be useful for your child.

Use of futuristic technology 

Looking at the amount of technology that the world is absorbing, it is only fair that you prepare your child for the future and give him 21st-century skills to survive in the current environment. Even Kindergartens make use of smart classrooms and virtual labs to familiarize children with the latest methods of learning. 


These were some ways to choose the best kindergarten school in Abu Dhabi. There are schools like the Global Indian International School that provide a unique curriculum specifically developed to help young Kindergarten children acquire key skills in early childhood. Therefore, when you have all your questions answered from the school in question, you can be more confident when you are choosing the best school in Abu Dhabi.

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