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How to Choose the Best BigCommerce SEO Agency

Jacob Alex

In SEO, some people have some level of SEO expertise, some are wannabees, and some still are true experts. So how do you choose a BigCommerce SEO agency with real SEO and BigCommerce expertise?

Undeniably, people can just attend a day, a week, or even a month of SEO training then claim themselves as experts.

So to help you weed out false experts, we’ve prepared this list of questions to guide you through your search for the best SEO partner for your BigCommerce website.

Are they up to date with the latest trends?
One of the marks of a true SEO is knowing not just the latest trends but where the trend is likely going.

Look for someone who can tell you in clear detail what the current ranking factors are and how they plan to improve your Google ranking.

Meet with them, even virtually, if they’re not local. Ask questions and see what kind of insights they have in terms of how your business will gain or lose something with any recent algorithm change.

What SEO methods do they use?
A good BigCommerce SEO agency will not hesitate to tell what SEO methods they use. After all, when it comes to SEO, most of the challenge is in the execution. You won’t likely ask about their methods so you can just run and do it yourself.

The point is, if they don’t tell you, they’re probably using unscrupulous methods such as black hat SEO.

Black hat SEO like keyword stuffing, link buying, invisible text, and more can get you banned in Google.

Who are their clients?
Look at their client portfolio and use it as a benchmark of their services. Check what niches their clients are in.

It’s great if they worked with your niche before but if not, understand that even the largest BigComerce SEO agency sometimes works on a completely new niche for them.

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It won’t hurt to check the SEO rankings of their existing clients as well.

Do they guarantee a top spot on search engines?
If they do, look somewhere else. No one can guarantee a top spot on SERP because the first page is constantly shifting.

This is because websites, even those that aren’t on BigCommerce, make changes all the time. All those changes affect page rankings.

So if they promise you the moon, as in the top spot on the first page of search results, chances are, they’re only going to buy a Google ad space for your website. Tough luck.

What kind of client testimonies do they have?
This will tell you about their past performance. Generally, if their past client is happy, it means they know what they’re doing. So check out reviews on and off their page. If you can, reach out to those people as well and ask questions about the agency.

Beware of SEO companies with only positive reviews, though. That’s a red flag that may mean the reviews are all fake.

Are your goals and objectives important for them?
Because that should matter a lot right? You want the agency to work hard and work sincerely for the attainment of your business goals.

Anyone who is not asking about the results you want to achieve is probably just interested in your money.

Looking for the right SEO company for your business can be a little tedious but the future of your business depends on it.

So, when you’re researching for the best BigCommerce SEO agency for your business, we recommend you take a look at Genius Ecommerce. This agency is interested in long-term growth and not quick fixes. They might just be the right SEO agency for you.

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