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How has Integrated Education Emerged as a Savior for the Students During Pandemic?

Divyanshi Jain

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives in almost every aspect. From shopping to eating out and going to the office to attending schools, our lives had been upside down. Though the world is slowly picking its pace again, there’s one sector that remains in the cloud of doubt – Education. The education sector has faced the wrath of the pandemic so hard, which affected about 1.3 billion learners globally. However, we believe that every crisis is the doorway to new opportunities, and it stands true for the education sector. The sector has witnessed the transformation, and integration education came to the rescue of the students.  Since the pandemic has completely re-defined the way of learning and teaching, we believe that this change will stay even post-pandemic. Let’s understand why.

Blending Learning is The New Pathway to Learning

Traditional teaching methods are now developing their way to modern ways of learning to communicate knowledge. The teachers who have accepted blending learning are enjoying the transformation of old teaching methods with the advanced ones. Blended learning helps teachers to access their students’ understanding and clearing the concepts more efficiently. It is the reason why blended learning is said to enhance the efficiency of the entire learning system.  

Some reasons why teachers are embracing this method of training and learning include – 

– Education is made more accessible 

– Better engagement of teachers with students 

– With learning apps and programs students can ace their pace more flexibly 

– Learning is fun for everyone 

– Blended learning materials can be accessed from home, making home learning more effective.   

Evolutions of Educators

With the evolution of learning techniques, the role of teachers is also redefined. Gone are the days when the teachers used to deliver information passively, with a blackboard and chalk. Now, the educators have upskilled themselves to comply with the advanced teaching techniques. With access to digital platforms like E-DAC, the teachers have upgraded pedagogy and made learning fun and engaging, while keeping the holistic development of their students in mind. 

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The Ease and Flexibility in Learning

Another reason why we believe that blended and online learning has made its permanent mark on the education sector is flexibility. When we compare traditional learning with online learning, the biggest difference is the duration. The students had to pay attention to the teachers during the fixed period. While, on digital platforms, the students have more flexibility, as they can learn at their own pace. These digital learning platforms even help them track their progress, and the students can watch a lesson multiple times. It allows students to get to the core of the concept. 

Why E-DAC is the Best Solution for Blended Learning?

A large proportion of learning and education had been dependent upon classrooms before 2020. But blended learning and upgraded pedagogy have explored new ways to imparting knowledge to the students. Here are a few reasons that make E-DAC a trusted name in the field of blended learning

  1. E-DAC platform ensures classroom and home learning feels complete.
  2. The amalgamation of high-end pedagogies, experiential curriculum, and advanced personalizes the learning experience of every child. 
  3. Strengthen teacher-student bonds, and accelerate their growth results. 
  4. Observational and research-based homework to boost real-life implementation and developing problem-solving abilities. 
  5. Thousands of 2D and 3D videos enhance a child’s learning experience and make learning more fun and engaging. 
  6. 1000+ eBooks, 20,000+ quizzes, 9000+ assignments, 300+ worksheets and 600+ homework per grade. 
  7. Auto-generated report card to track the student’s progress 
  8. 100+ Doubt solving sessions 
  9. Higher engagement in the classroom through role play and group activities and board games. 
  10. A unique approach for different subjects. 

You can also personalize your child’s learning experience and help them develop life skills. Get in touch with E-DAC experts today.

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