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Givers Or Takers – Who To Recruit & How?

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Every team, whether big or small, can be divided into three basic categories – givers, takers, and matchers. Givers are those who always put others before themselves, believing that teamwork comes first. Takers, on the other hand, are those who value others only for what they can get from them. Finally, matchers are those who keep a score sheet, seeking to work in a “quid pro quo” world.

Givers or takers – Who are better?

Organizations who depend on takers are seen to rise and fall quickly, while those who have a team of givers can build a healthy and successful business in the long run. That’s because givers see more opportunities to create efficiencies, even if that means to sacrifice revenue for team and client satisfaction. They contribute to others without seeking anything in return, may it be assistance, sharing knowledge, or making valuable introductions. Takers are always trying to get other people to serve their ends, while carefully guarding their own expertise and time.

How can givers boost productivity and profitability?

Understanding all of the above, an organization always has a strong interest in fostering the behaviour of giving. A willingness to help others achieve their goals is what leads to effective collaboration, innovation, quality improvement, and service excellence. In organizations where giving becomes the norm, rewards are reaped quickly, and benefits multiplied rapidly too. That’s because with giving, efficient problem solving is facilitated, leading to coordination, and supportive cultures that appeal to everyone in the working chain. Thus, when you want higher levels of productivity, profitability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, you should always be looking to hire givers within your organization.

How to identify a giver?

So, how would you know whether a candidate is a giver or a taker? Only a giver can identify another giver; and this is why we recommend approaching top executive search firms in India to help you recruit the ideal candidates. That’s because an executive search firm is a giver – more flexible, more responsive, more agile – to deliver the best candidates for a client company’s job vacancy. When such search firms get a search mandate, they are focused.

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The search does not enter into an algorithm or ERP process; rather it enters a war room of career recruitment leaders with international connections and industry expertise. There are lots of decision-makers that get involved in the process of recruiting candidates, each one having its own agenda.

An executive search firm has a complete understanding of when clients need more time than expected to process recruitment. They’re ready to adapt and wait, without forcing a decision on the client company. What is of prime importance for such search firms is client satisfaction. No matter how many rounds of investigation it may take, customer satisfaction is critical, so that long-term relationships are fostered.

WalkWater Talent Advisors – The perfect choice!

WalkWater Talent Advisors is a trusted executive search firm, who makes the choice to work with fewer clients in order to deliver results, rather than grabbing every possible opportunity coming their way only to fetch money. They believe in being a giver in the ecosystem of talent recruitment. And, while their reputation and outstanding results say it all, there’s nothing you need to worry about when you approach them. After all, they are one of the top executive search firms in India, which means that you can rest assured that you’ll always be receiving a quick and reliable solution for your job vacancy.

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