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Digital Transformation Courses To Transform Your Career

Spencer Hill

Digital transformation has now become a norm in almost every business. 70% of the companies are planning to transform and adopt new technologies for growth and profit. Thus, pursuing a digital transformation course can bring you great bounties and can give your company a great boost. There are multiple courses offered by renowned institutions to help you learn digital transformation. But which institution are these? What are their requirements? How much do they cost? Worry not, it’s not just you; we all had some questions while applying for digital transformation courses. Hence to clear your doubts, here are the details of the 7 best digital transformation courses.

  • UC Berkeley Executive digital transformation

University of California, Berkeley offers business leaders great digital transformation courses. Their online education program aims to teach various managers and business leaders to learn about digital transformation thoroughly. It also helps them learn about the digital changes best suited for their companies. UC Berkeley offers an eight-module course focusing on various areas of digital transformation. The learners have special access to virtual lectures, peer discussion forums, digital business models, fun quizzes, webinars, and a lot more. UC Berkeley has an elite faculty comprising of the leaders in digital transformation. The entire course comes at a fee of $2,600 with flexible payments modes.

  • Stanford digital transformation certificate course

Stanford digital transformation certificate course has an energetic approach towards digital transformation. It offers extensive guidelines towards the subject and helps the leaders learn about various tools and techniques of digital transformation. It covers the effective areas of digital transformation which enriches the employee-customer relationship. Stanford digital transformation certificate has a total of 8 courses to help business leaders learn about the changing areas of digitalisation. It also teaches leaders to apply AI to transform User Experience and use predictive modelling and turn use effective data for the company. Stanford charges $695 per course and it has different offer prices and packages for group courses.

  • Coursera digital transformation course
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Coursera offers an online digital transformation course to business leaders in association with the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia and Boston Consulting group. Coursera offers two specific areas of digital transformation; what urgency does it create without digital transformation in businesses? And what are the changes that businesses need to be brought in this age of digitalisation? Learners have exclusive access to Boson Consulting Group’s specialised frameworks. These frameworks help learners with the technologies and strategies for the digital transformation of their businesses. Learners receive a certificate once they finish their course. Coursera has a monthly subscription fee of $49. It also has a special seven-day free user trial.

  • Cornell digital transformation certificate program

Cornell’s digital transformation certificate program encompassesthe different areas of digital transformation courses. It also helps the business leaders learn about the disruptive changes that can be brought in through digital transformation courses. The program is divided into seven courses that help the leaders understand builder audit and digitisation audit. At the end of the course, the learners have a clear idea about the technology strategy they would be bringing for their companies with minimum risks.The entire program costs $3,600 with the monthly payment options. The entire course takes place in four months duration.

  • edX digital transformation course

edX digital transformation course is an enhanced course that helps the leaderslearn about emerging technologies and the latest trends of digital transformation. The technologies that are taught in this course are Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and other e-commerce platforms. The course comprises seven modules with materials, peer discussion forums, interactive videos, questions, and a final exam.This course gives business leaders a better idea about the changing ideas about changing technologies and digitisation of companies.It is free. But you have to $399 for a verified certificate.It is a seven-week course and learners have to spend 8 to 10 hours per week on it.

  • MIT digital transformation course
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MIT digital transformation course is an excellent source for non-degree programs and the continuation of education courses. The course is brought to us with the collaboration of Emeritus. This course helps the leaders learn about digital transformation and how these changes can bring value to their businesses. It is considered to be applied courses that help participants learn about basic coding. The participants get to use Meta Mask Plugin to transact with cryptocurrency Ether and many more.After the completion of this course learners who achieve more than 80% receive a certificate of completion. The entire program costs $2,300 with an option of flexible payment. And a 20% discount is available for groups.

  • LinkedIn digital transformation

This course is considered to be one of the most popular courses for digital transformation. LinkedIn digital transformation course has more than 100,000 learners. The course aims to teach business leaders to understand what business digital transformation is and why it is important at this juncture. This course also emphasises how digital transformation can make or break a business organisation. Participants learn about the digital maturity of companies that are digitally born such as Google and Amazon. It is a 45 minutes course but helps participants learn about digitalisation vividly. This course is offered by LinkedIn under their $29.99 monthly subscription or $19.99 annual subscription charges.

Parting words

The world is transforming. Our lifestyle is now smarter than it was in the past. Then why must your business remain analogue? You now have every opportunity to transform your business by yourself. Therefore, you should utilise the opportunity. These courses discussed here help you to learn about digital transformation through advanced classwork and assignments. With every new assignment, you will grow as a digital transformer. If you believe otherwise, you can visit any online paper checker and ask them, “Check and rate my paper on digital transformation”. Thus, you will be able to know how you are advancing through your course.

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