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Digital Organization 101: A Crash Course in File Hosting for Beginners

Hussain Ali

Did you know that 92% of American households have at least 1 computer, tablet, or smartphone? And yet, many of us don’t know how to unlock the full potential of these devices!

For instance, you can put your files on file hosting sites, which not only enables you to access them across various devices but also creates a handy backup in case your computer crashes.

If you’re interested in using file hosting services, then read on. We’ll give you a general guide to digital file organization.

Choose the Right Storage Size

Like with your physical things, you need to choose the right storage size when you’re storing your digital files. Otherwise, you’ll quickly run out of space, and you’ll just have to go through the whole process again!

File hosting sites will usually have several tiers of services, which enables you to select the right one for your needs. If you’re unsure, always go 1 tier above, just to be safe.

You can always choose to be billed monthly, so if you find yourself with tons of empty space, you can downgrade to the tier below to save some cash.

Set Up Your Drive Right

Once you’ve selected a service, you’ll be given a personal drive. Don’t just start dumping files in there, as it’ll be harder to search for them in the future.

Instead, take the time to set the drive upright. You’ll want separate folders for text documents, pictures, and videos.

And within these, you’ll want subfolders like Work, then Client X, Client Y, and Client Z. For pictures/videos, you can have subfolders by years and/or occasion.

That way, whenever you upload files, you can put them straight into the appropriate folder and find them more easily later on.

Clean Up Your Files Periodically

Chances are, you’ll end up with some files you won’t need or are irrelevant. So even if they’re in the appropriate folders, they might be taking up precious space.

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You’ll want to do clean up your files periodically, maybe 1-3 times a year, depending on how often you use the cloud file-sharing services. If you want to look for duplicate files that are closely similar but have minor differences, you can use something like a Dropbox manager, which will scan your files with proprietary algorithms to not only detect similar files but also which ones are the better versions.

By performing cleanup every once in a while, not only will you keep your files nice and neat, but you’ll also free up some space.

Take Advantage of File Hosting Services

Now that you know how to use file hosting services, isn’t it about time for you to subscribe to one? With online file hosting, you can keep better track of your files, free up space on your computer, and have peace of mind knowing there’s a backup on the internet.

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