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Career Guide: What Is an IT Enterprise Architect?

Hussain Ali

You might be surprised to know that an IT enterprise architect can command a base salary of over $135,000 per year

Now we’ve got your attention; we’d like to help you explore this career path and whether it’s viable to you. We’ll take a brief look at what the requirements are to fill such a role, and what sort of training and responsibilities you can expect.

Interested in learning more? Then let’s delve into the world of an IT enterprise Architect.

What Does An Enterprise Architect Do?

Enterprise architects examine, create, and implement an organization’s IT structure to ensure that it aligns with objectives. An enterprise architect collaborates with stakeholders and management to assess the company’s goals too.

They then work to ensure that the organization is using its IT assets efficiently. The following are some of the tasks you can expect of enterprise architects:

  • Management system optimization
  • Provision of shared infrastructure to reduce spending and improve sharing capabilities
  • Develop policies and standards for IT asset use
  • Train employees on the efficient use of IT assets
  • Conduct research on new IT solutions for operations enhancement
  • Evaluate current systems for weaknesses in performance and security

There may also be many other tasks that the enterprise architect role may entail. But, at least the above bullets give you a general idea of the responsibilities of an IT enterprise architect.

Enterprise Architect Requirements

To address organizations’ IT systems and strategies, enterprise architects require substantial experience and education. Many IT enterprise architects hold various active certifications that indicate their mastery of specific skills.

One prominent enterprise architect certification that many opt for is a TOGAF certification. Here is a guide to TOGAF certifications.

Educational Requirements

To get enterprise architect jobs, a degree in IT or a related discipline is advantageous. Plus, many years of relevant experience is often a must.

To get specific field training, many enterprise architects may pursue a master’s degree program. In some cases, individuals can use instead of experience or educational requirements.

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For an enterprise architect, training is limited. Before pursuing work as an enterprise architect, candidates must have a solid educational background and relevant experience.

If there is any training, it will likely be focused on getting an enterprise architect accustomed to the organization’s existing IT systems. 

However, participating in seminars and IT conferences can provide off-the-job training for enterprise architects. These events assist corporate architects in staying current in the IT sector. The events provide them with new information on such things as:

There will also be many more aspects of IT that enterprise architects will want to keep updated with.

Becoming an IT Enterprise Architect

Becoming an IT enterprise architect isn’t easy. It takes time and dedication to develop the skills needed to carry out such a role. However, if you are willing to commit yourself to this career path, big rewards await you!

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