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Career Choices for Passionate Writers – Earning with Words

Muhammad Jazib Khan

Becoming a writer has never been an easy job. At first, you should expect harsh criticism and several rejections from agents and publishers. Low wage assignments until you discover one that will pay you what you’re worth. If you’re wondering about career choices, you can become a freelancer like other UK essay writers. Join a company, or become an invaluable component of a corporation if you have outstanding writing abilities—the decision depends on you.

You can build a career out of writing because “writing” now is beyond novels and books. We’ve listed more options here that cover a wide range of businesses and specialities –keep reading to find out which one is right for you.


Good editors are always sought after by good authors. After all, they’re good at identifying errors and polishing content. And they’re needed in various spaces like newspapers, enterprises, and content creation agencies. Being an editor in an agency includes assigning tasks to others (juniors). You can assign the articles or assignments to the team and keep an eye on the deadline to improve the final product. As news desk editors, you can oversee the making of daily newspapers. And in publishing houses, you can be a blog or developmental editor to kick start your career.

While a degree in communications, media, or journalism isn’t necessarily required, it can help when you enter the editing field.

Essay Writer

Essay writers are responsible for creating essays, critical research papers, assignments and many more academic-related projects. It is something you can do while you are still in college.

If someone asks, “Would you write my essay?”

If you cannot say no, how about the idea of just charging them for your writing services?

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, everything went remote and affected people’s mental health. For students, this meant being unable to focus and write their essays or research papers. So, it was when UK essay writers and other creative experts stepped into the industry to help young minds with their content-creation tasks.

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Now essay writers charge according to their profile or per word count, but it depends on how technical and efficient their writing is.


These specialists are responsible for generating copy that persuades readers to act, whether in advertising, a web page, or a sales letter. They generate the material that helps organisations drive sales – making them a significant tool for businesses. In addition, copywriters try to connect the consumers with the brand and move the needle on conversions and revenue.

While some firms demand their copywriters to have a degree, many more don’t and are only interested in generating copy that gets results. It should be noted that an average copywriter earns a handsome amount every month, and many organisations are ready to pay top dollar for profitable results. So, if you’re great at creating great sales pitch copy, you’ll probably be able to make good money.

Public Relation Manager

Public relation managers (PRM) are in charge of increasing brand recognition and fostering favorable brand emotion for an individual, company, product, or service. They achieve these objectives using a range of techniques, including building media contacts, writing press releases, planning and managing consumer-facing campaigns, and minimising the effect of negative news.

PR managers might work for an independent business (such as a food chain). A business group or corporation (hotel industry or a publishing house), a charity, an institution, or an individual (politician, celebrity, or actor).

Technical Writer

Technical writers create material that transforms complicated technical ideas into something that an audience can read and comprehend. Such as user guides, tutorials, case studies, and academic coursework.

As the title says, writing is the most important aspect of any technical writing job. To be successful in this profession, you’ll need more than just writing skills; you’ll also need a thorough understanding of complex topics—as well as the ability to express those ideas in non-technical speech.

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Tech writers typically hold a bachelor’s degree in English, communications, journalism, or a related field. As well as background information relevant to the given subject they’ll be writing about. Such as computer science, information and technology, scientific research in a specific field, environmental policies, or manufacturing processes.

Content/Digital Marketing Manager

When it comes to designing and implementing content for a firm, content marketing managers are at the front. While some content marketing managers specialize in developing and supervising certain forms of content, such as blog entries, eBooks, research papers, website material, and online posts. Others take a more generalist approach.

While digital marketing managers spend substantial time generating content (including writing), they also spend hours planning their content. So, if you enjoy writing and planning, this is the perfect career choice for you. You’ll also have the opportunity to consider the broader picture and determine how content might help an organization’s overarching mission and goals.

Companies now hire people specializing in certain subjects and holding relevant degrees. They look for a person who has enough potential to create and promote content for their product branding. So, as long as you know the writing techniques and can make strategic plans and understand the brand market. You have a high chance to get hire.

If you like to pursue a career in writing, remember these gigs may not bring most individuals fame or fortune. However, they’re perfect if you enjoy brainstorming ideas and content to drive business goals and earn a reasonable sum of money on the way.

Muhammad Jazib Khan

Muhammad Jazib Khan is a Digital Evangelist who has worked with several companies specializing in customized digital solutions and focuses on giving the best software solutions to customers worldwide. He has extensive experience in digital marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media management, search engine optimization, and other areas. In addition, He actively contributes articles related to digital and content marketing.

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