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5 Things To Remember Before Buying A School Backpack

Dani Khan

As parents, someday, you will have to see your little toddler grow and enter pre-school in no time. This transition is not just crucial to the child. But also to every parent who wishes to make sure they ensure they buy the best school supplies. Topping the list, kid’s school bags are versatile and come in different types, styles and sizes.

Buying a school bag can be a pretty significant investment compared to other supplies, and little will any parent want to make a wrong choice. Of course, you will have to consider your child’s likes and dislikes. But getting them their favourite Disney themed school bag is not ultimately the apt thing to do.

Five Factors to consider while buying a school bag for your kid

If this is your first time with school bag shopping, you might feel too many choices to be perplexed. A flawed choice isn’t just an expensive mistake but can also affect your child. For instance, huger bags can get packed wrongly. However, to ensure that you choose an appropriate kid’s backpack, always remember to consider these factors,

1. Size

Undeniably, you cannot overlook the size factor of a kid’s backpack. To begin with, understand that you will have to buy a bag that can serve a short period. Picking a big-sized bag so that it can last longer is not a mindful choice. Having a large bag will lead to the wrong prioritising of things to carry, eventually letting your child bear a bulky load. So, never be fascinated by large bags and save some bucks in this case. Always lookout for the right-sized bag. To ensure you find one, start with sorting the essentials your child will have to carry every day.

2. Weight

For kids, age-appropriate bags can be smaller in size because they will not have many books to carry like the older grades. However, due to the versatility in bag styles, some kid’s school bags can be heavy despite being small. As a result, kids will have to carry a heavy backpack even though the packing is minimal. Researchers say that children should not carry more than 10% of their body weight. So, also ensure if the bag is light in weight apart from checking the size. For instance, canvas bags weigh less than leather or nylon bags.

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3. Material

If you are looking for bags that will remain sturdy and durable, it is highly essential to check for the fabric. Always go with backpacks that have a moulded frame and adjustable shoulder straps. Popular fabric choices for kid’s bags include nylon, canvas, leather, Cordura, etc.

Pro tip: Ensure that the bag comes made in a fabric that is easy to care for and is washable. The kid’s bag can get stained quickly. Milk stains can get challenging to go away, so always prefer washable bags.

4. Zippers and Pockets

Even though kid’s bags need to be petty, backpacks with more pockets and zippers are the best to buy. It’s because distinguished pockets will let your child have their things organised and develop discipline. Extra pockets will also give instant access and make getting essentials out of the bag effortless.

5. Additional features

On investing a significant amount into your kid’s bag, you can look out for some additional features. Waterproof bags are the best to buy as your kids will have to go to school despite rain and snow. Additionally, you can look for an adjustable waist belt, double-headed zippers, padded back, etc.

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