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Brainstorming: 17 techniques to boost creativity in 2021?


Situations or problems that require ideas are always just around the corner, but fortunately there are brainstorming session,  which in addition to help you get ideas have participants enjoy themselves a little.

So, if you are interested in generating brainstorming sessions , this content will be of great help to you. We have included 17 techniques and exercises to boost creativity.

Using and incorporating this element in the work routine can mean great benefits for your work team.

That said,  brainstorming will help you , among other things, to generate a favorable work environment to develop and make your collaborators focus on the work that matters most.

Before continuing, we are going to review the definition.

What is brainstorming?

When we talk about the concept of brainstorming or brainstorming , referring to a practical learning process which seeks to encourage mental creativity around a specific topic.

Yes, as its name implies, brainstorming reveals a process where quick and spontaneous thinking is sought to express the ideas of each of the participants and relate them to a previously defined topic.

Every day it is more common for workspaces to incorporate notions of collaborative and creative processes to reinforce teamwork.

The notion of brainstorming encapsulates in its being several key points to encourage participation in workspaces, helps to democratize information and broadens communication between collaborators. Just like “Write my essay” service does while writing an essay. They brainstorm ideas to create unique and quality content for their customers.

As the old saying goes: Two heads are better than one.

What is brainstorming for?

Imagine the potential of your collaborators working in unison: they would be unstoppable.

Solving a problem through creative strategies such as brainstorming will  not only be reflected in an improvement of your internal processes, but will also contribute to generating a holistic vision of a particular topic.

By involving different areas in solving a problem (through a creative process such as that suggested with brainstorming), it will be possible to provide a solution that covers a large number of segments.

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The contribution of all areas will generate a result that will encompass as many points of view as possible, thus strengthening the proposal.   

This process, less structured and rigid than other teaching tools, allows generating solutions applicable to the company’s processes or results.

How to start the brainstorming session

You will need the following things before starting brainstorming session:

  • Lay out the rules
  • Know the problem you want to solve
  • Locate the best space for dynamics
  • Choose the participants
  • Lay out the rules
  • Letting go of your creativity

Although brainstorming incorporates different techniques to achieve its objectives, it is common for this didactic exercise to present some barriers or limitations that can become a problem if they are not solved properly.

Techniques for brainstorming

It may seem curious that to develop a didactic resource attached to creativity, such as brainstorming , tactics or strategies are used to help encourage participation or streamline the structure of the exercise.

Everything has an end, in this case, it is no different.

Depending on the goals you set before starting the game, the following resources can help you get there.

As incredible as it may sound, thousands of collaborators can face huge barriers when expressing themselves through  brainstorming. 

Herein lies the importance of knowing your team (their strengths, virtues and weaknesses) and bringing together the best solutions to promote the correct development of the dynamics.

Yes! It is totally valid to modify or specialize the didactic exercises based on the confirmation of the group of collaborators who will participate.

Contrary to what might be assumed, this may represent the success or failure of the dynamic.

A flexible brainstorming works better than a totally static exercise where participants appear to be tied by the noose of formality.

  1. Set goals
  2. Define your time limit
  3. Define your group
  4. Choose a moderator
  5. Reverse brainstorming
  6.  Mind map
  7. SWOT analysis
  8. Play “What if …”
  9. Say “no” is necessary
  10. Create obstacles
  11. Use teaching materials
  12. The game of chairs
  13. Empathy
  14. One by one
  15. Role play
  16. Anonymous proposals
  17. Rain of questions
  18. Heating
  19. Appreciate the good
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So, we can say brainstorming is the crucial part of any business meeting that includes any concluding concept with respect to the ideas given by the Meeting members with beneficial end Result.

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