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Board Certified Autism Technician – An Overview

James Falcao

Autism is a growing trend in medical and psychiatric practice. As a result, the selection of Board Certified Autism Technicians, also known as Autism Therapists, is becoming more difficult. A person with Autism or another disabling spectrum disorder must pass rigorous requirements in order to become certified. A person with a typical mental health condition may be able to gain approval for BICC certification based on the type of clinical specialties that they choose. Becoming an Autism Treatment Specialist (ATS) requires a higher level of competence and training than a typical General Practitioner (G.P.)

The purpose of the Autism Care Treatment (ACD) Program is to provide quality care for people with autism spectrum disorder through the intervention of professionals at an advanced developmental level. Board Certified Autism Technicians (BTAT), as a Board Certified Autism Technician (BAT) shows a dedication to patient safety and quality of care by admission to the program. A person with Autism, or any other developmental disorder for that matter, may be able to benefit from the intervention of such professionals at the intermediate level. However, a person with Autism will need to be seen by a specialist at the developmental level to determine if further evaluation is needed.

There are several specialized training programs to select from for someone who is an Autism Treatment Specialist (ATS). In general, these training programs will offer training in one or more areas of specialization. Some Board Certified Autism Technicians (BTAT) have additional degrees from accredited colleges and specialize in additional areas of training.

Specialization Autism Therapy Field

One area of specialization within the Board Certified Autism Treatment Specialist field is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA is a well known method of teaching disabilities to children. ABA is used in conjunction with the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis to teach families how to best interact with their Autistic Children (ASDs) and how to live and work with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. The training of ABA is geared toward preparing the families for working with a child on the autistic spectrum. If a person has a Board Certification in this area, they are highly qualified to work with individuals on the autism spectrum.

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Another area of specialization within the Board Certified Autism Treatment Specialist (BTAS) field is written proficiency. A BTAS often comes from a professional training program focused on autism spectrum disorders. After completion of their Board Certified Autism Treatment

Specialist (BTAS) training, individuals can become eligible to take the APA Coding Test for Adults (APA-Coding) to be able to apply their knowledge to a written proficiency test. This test is required for employment with many state agencies such as the Department of Social Services (DSS), Medicaid, and various other state agencies. Becoming a Board Certified Autism

Treatment Specialist can be a rewarding career choice with several benefits including advancing careers, providing for better patient care, and becoming financially stable while working towards an advanced degree.

Specialization within the Board Certified Autism Technician specialty areas is geared towards providing improved care for an Autism Spectrum Disorder patient. The diagnostic work that is completed through these programs is used to help improve diagnosis and to determine which type of medication is best suited for a patient. When selecting Board Certified Autism

Technicians, it is important to make sure that they have completed the appropriate coursework in the specialty areas and have been certified by the State Board of Nursing. Individuals that have completed their Board Certified Autism Technician training and are registered with the state in which they reside will be eligible for state licensing. Individuals with a Board Certified Autism Technician license have the option to work in private practice or in a facility that offers a combination of private and state-licensed care.

Training As a Board Certified Autism Technician

For most of us, earning a Board Certified Autism Technician Certification is the greatest reward we can receive from our careers. Board Certified Autism Technicians (also known as BCAT’s) are valued members of the professions industry. Their knowledge and expertise not only benefit their own careers but those of their clients and the wider professional community. When choosing a course or program to study for your Board Certified Autism Technician Certification, you will find that there are many options available. Which path you take in your studies is entirely up to you. However, taking the time to learn about the benefits of Board Certified Autism Therapy may help you to make this important decision earlier in your studies.

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Becoming a Board Certified Autism Technician opens new doors in the world of disability. As a certified autism therapist, you will not only find yourself surrounded by other experienced therapists, you will have the opportunity to help and improve the lives of people with all types of disabilities. The potential for advancing your career and creating meaningful work opportunities for yourself is endless. Once you have become Board Certified Autism Technicians, you have the opportunity to lead specialty camps and workshops, deliver opening sessions at local hospitals, or hold your own clinics at universities and schools. Many Board Certified Autism Technicians, are employed in various settings, you will have many people approaching you for jobs, referrals, and job offers.

Board Certified Autism Technician‘s involve many aspects of your life beyond the classroom. You must meet the board-certified criteria, pass the written portion of the exam, and work under the supervision of qualified instructors. While studying for your Board Certified Autism Technician Certification, you will learn the diagnostic and treatment procedures associated with autism, including methods and means of addressing autism in a childrens’ setting, as well as work strategies for adults with autism and their families. Along with studying, you will participate in clinical training and meetings, all of which will prepare you for your role as an autism certified therapist.

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