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Best Tips to Improve Attention Span For Students

Pranav Jha

A common issue that parents in Singapore and all over the world face are their kid’s low attention span. Parents are continuously looking for ways to improve their child’s attention span. Many children don’t do well in school because they don’t have a high attention span. Having a short attention span can be frustrating for students and can lead to academic failure. Attention spans have been linked with the ability of children to learn and memorize information, which in turn has an impact on their progress in life. Parents of such students try their best to improve their kid’s attention span. There are several things that parents can do in this scenario. Let’s take a look at some of the best tips to improve the attention span of students.

Make the Tasks Interesting

To improve a student’s attention span, it is important to make tasks interesting. One way to do this is to incorporate games and other physical activities in the child’s task. Make it more interesting for the children so they are motivated to do the task. This will keep them focused and improve their attention span.

It has been shown that students perform better when they are engaged in activities of interest, rather than sitting through lectures.

Do One Thing at a Time

When a student is engaged, they learn better. However, when students are too busy, they can be distracted by all the things going on in their environment. Attention span is the ability to concentrate on one task at a time and focus energy on that.

Kids today are more distracted than ever before. They are always online and they’re constantly bombarded with new information. Unfortunately, this can lead to poor attention spans which make it difficult for them to focus on academics or tasks like homework because they get distracted easily by social media or mobile games.

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A recent project conducted by Stanford University showed that kids who focused solely on one thing at a time improved their attention span significantly after just 20 minutes of practice per day over two weeks. This study also showed that these kids were able to sustain this improved attention over a period of time.

Break Big Tasks into Smaller and More manageable Ones

Today’s students are faced with more distractions than ever before. Many students are either unable to finish their homework or fail to stay focused on their studies. This is why so many educators and experts have been advocating for smaller and more manageable tasks in order to help break the vicious cycle of distractions. There is no doubt that the ability to manage your time is an important skill that will help you succeed in life. Smaller and more manageable tasks allow students to focus on their responsibilities at hand, which will decrease anxiety, improve grades, and ultimately boost performance in school.

Take the Right Amount of Breaks

Take breaks in between tasks. The breaks should be after fixed intervals. It is important for a student to take the right amount of breaks to have a better attention span. For example, if a student is taking too many breaks while studying, it can lead to concentration difficulties and brain fatigue. Some students may need more breaks than others. For some students, they might need less than 5 minutes for each break while others may need 10 minutes or more per break depending on their needs.

Use VR to Improve Attention Span

With new technologies like VR that are being introduced into classrooms, students can experience things in a new way and improve their attention span and focus. VR is a way for kids to experience things in a whole different way than they do in real life. It is entertaining and unique and keeps the students hooked. It provides them with an alternate perspective from which they can learn without as much effort or work as it would be usually required of them by learning something in real life.

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Remove Distractions

Many students have a hard time focusing at school because of distractions like phones, social media, and the internet. This is not only detrimental to their learning experience but also to their health and safety. In order to improve students’ attention spans, teachers have started using different strategies to remove distractions from the classroom such as screensavers for the TV and turning off mobile devices. The same can be done by parents at home. Removing distractions can have a great effect on students.

Adjust the Surroundings

In order to improve the attention span of students, parents and teachers should try to change the surroundings of the student. The teachers can provide them with specific seating arrangements in the classroom. The student’s seating placement has a big effect on their attention span. At home, the parents can try and take the kid to their backyard where there is more greenery and fresh air. Adjusting the surroundings can have a very positive effect on the students and their attention span.

Reward Your Child for Finishing a Task

This can be slightly controversial in schools so this is something that parents should do with their children at home. One way to improve your child’s attention span is to trade a reward for every completed task. There are many different types of rewards that parents can choose from to motivate their children and boost their attention span. From stickers and badges to monetary rewards, there are plenty of options available.

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