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Another Class of Unemployed Graduates

Muhammad Jazib Khan

Another class of students are about to graduate. Yet, the last batch is still looking for jobs. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Of course, it does because this is what happens every year at almost all educational institutes. The employment industry is surely catching up, but new skills are needed with new opportunities. Therefore, developing a new set of talents and staying up to date is important. Otherwise, like many before you, you’ll have a tough time finding work.

After completing studies, every student wants to get hired and start earning. However, when the pandemic took over the world, it became more difficult to find a job. Markets were closed, industries suffered, and organisations downsized or cut wages. As a result, more people lost their job, and finances became difficult for everyone.  

Since the health care system introduced vaccination, the world started working again, and the job market bounced back. However, when the world was in quarantine, every industry, be it manufacturing or medical, turned digital. People were working remotely. Unfortunately, many people were laid off due to lacking skills like “taking lectures online” or working on a computer. And now everybody is required to learn basic digital skills to make it through their jobs.

The content creators didn’t suffer much in comparison during the pandemic and are most in-demand now in every industry. Senior students started giving coursework help to juniors and earned a little. Expert writers like British assignment writers helped the seniors or PhD students in their assignments to earn their living. People started their Youtube channels to educate others on how to get over unemployment by learning a few skills. In short, many new discussions were added to the topic of ‘unemployment.’

Things To Do Until You Land a Job

Students are still unemployed and face many challenges when it comes to finding a job in their field. As an outcome, most of them join the work industries they don’t like, which results in depression and mental illness. So, if you’re facing trouble finding a job after graduation, here are a few pointers to help you.

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Keep a Positive Approach

Having a positive approach is the key to achieving better results. A positive approach enhances your character and makes people see how adaptive you can be towards a new work environment. In turn, such an approach might help you acquire a job. You can maintain a positive attitude by doing the following:

  • Remember unemployment is only short, and you can conquer this difficult phase
  • When you are on a job hunt, try to do things you like the most every day, this will help you realise your main goals and keep you motivated
  • Maintain regular physical activity
  • Consuming nutritious foods and staying healthy

Make connections

Connecting with people who work in your target industry or field can help you improve the efficacy of your job application. For example, alumni from a university may be a valuable resource. Contact someone already working in your preferred industry who graduated from your college, meet them and make connections. While talking, you can ask them to forward your resume to the employer as a favour.

Reduce Expenditure – Stay in Budget

If you’re unemployed and looking for employment, you can reduce your expenses and prevent going into debt by cutting out needless purchases. 

You know how much money you are left with until you get a job and determine how much you can spend each month for a set period, such as six months. Then, in aim to maintain your monthly budget, reduce your expenditures. It’s going to be a little difficult working under a budget. However, reducing expenditure is another way of saving for hard times.

Hold your Expectations

Creating a career in any industry (even if you work hard) still takes time. You will not be appreciated every day for your work, and not every organisation will offer you a job. The job industry is quite competitive nowadays. Therefore, remain patient and be open to new chances. It’s also critical to keep your expectations lower and options open for any work that will help you develop transferrable and relevant skills.

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Work on your knowledge and skills

Apart from honing your interviewing and communication skills to impress recruiters, it might be beneficial to ask your interviewer what qualities they believe you should improve after being passed over for a position. To save yourself from unemployment, you can start writing as well. You can develop new skills apart from your focused career skills. You can start with writing for students who would like coursework help and make sure you learn different techniques, like article writing, blogging, PhD academic assignments and much more for long term success. 

Consider Attending School Again

If you thought of joining a university for post-graduate studies, why not start right after graduation? Even if you don’t want another degree, just taking a lesson or two to improve your skills and expertise further can be a great use of your time as you search for work. Additionally, using this time to get extra training, licenses, and certifications can benefit your resume and, therefore, your career.

Freelance for a time being

Since the pandemic hit the world, people started freelancing to earn part-time and trust us; the freelance market is making billions. People can rent out your skills, and you can charge them accordingly. The content creators and freelance writers can write for publications, agencies, digital channels or online academic websites like British assignment writers. Many freelancers write in different niches, such as internal corporate communications, blog posts, press releases, emails, grant writing, newsletter, or proposals. You can also choose to specialize in a specific communications channel or industry.

Stay Busy

It takes a long time to find work, but it is critical to continue improving yourself and pursue your interests. During this period, consider taking up temporary or part-time work. When an applicant has even a part-time job, they are driven, responsible, and have a good work ethic.

Our thoughts

While the world is still facing unemployment, it should not scare the students because students are the energetic youth and perhaps not now but in future you’ll find a suitable and well-paid job. However, learning about employment and other skills is a need. Therefore, keep learning more!

Muhammad Jazib Khan

Muhammad Jazib Khan is a Digital Evangelist who has worked with several companies specializing in customized digital solutions and focuses on giving the best software solutions to customers worldwide. He has extensive experience in digital marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media management, search engine optimization, and other areas. In addition, He actively contributes articles related to digital and content marketing.

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