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An ADU Guide For Beginners

hadiya Arshad

Building an ADU doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, if you do enough research, it can be quite easy. Here is a quick ADU guide for beginners to help make the development process as easy as possible for you.

Know What You Are Building

There are different types of ADUs for you to build.

  • Garage ADUs
  • Attached ADUs
  • Internal ADUs
  • Detached ADUs

Depending on which type you choose, you will have different costs, time frames, and steps needed. So, be sure to figure out which type you are going to build before starting any other process.

Create A Budget

One of the biggest ADU mistakes you can make is not starting with a budget. A budget will not only help you figure out the necessary steps to building an ADU, but it will help prevent you from overspending on unnecessary items. The better you budget, the quicker and more affordably your ADU will be built.

Be sure to add in contingency money in case something doesn’t go to plan. The last thing you want is to not have enough money to finish your construction.

Don’t Skip The Permitting Phase

Be sure you apply for all the necessary permits to build your ADU. Not doing so can result in hefty fines and delays in your construction schedule.

If you are not sure about all the different permits you might need, talk with an ADU professional. They will be able to help you figure out what exactly you need to apply for and make that application process smoother for you.

Work With ADU Contractors

Although ADUs are like tiny homes, there are quite a few differences normal contractors may not be aware of. Your safest bet is to work with an actual ADU contractor who knows the ins and outs of ADU development regulations. That way you ensure everything is up to code.

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ADU contractors will also be able to give you space and money-saving tips that normal contractors may not know about. Especially if you work with a local contractor, they may be able to help you make deals with local suppliers that they work with often to lower your construction costs. click here for more articles.

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