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A Detailed Guide on Bitcoin Futures Trading Kammy

One of the best options available to crypto traders is to employ automated trading channels to generate money from the market. This money-making method has continued to assist investors in cryptocurrencies like Cardano , Bitcoin Dogecoin in making a lot of money online.

This review will focus on Bitcoin Future, which is one of these automatic trading sites.

In this post, we’ll go over all there is to know about Bitcoin Future and see if it’s a good investment. Let’s take a closer look at this article right now.

What are Bitcoin Futures, and How Do They Work?

Bitcoin Future is a legitimate trading platform that combines robotics trading with cryptocurrency trading. The automatic trade system is set up to make transactions on the investors’ behalf. It is a simple and effective trading system that anyone may utilise. Trading sessions on the Bitcoin Futures trading network can start and end with a single click on tabs and widgets.

Bitcoin Future was founded by an innovative team of crypto-currency traders and software developers. It is the most straightforward trading platform that anyone may use to benefit from the crypto-currency market. It has all of the characteristics of a reputable auto trade route.

Bitcoin Future is a brand that has been legally licenced and appropriate legal trading system for anyone who wants to make money selling cryptocurrency.

What is the formula for calculating the value of a futures contract?

The following is the theoretical formula for estimating the futures contract from the spot price:

Price of Futures = Spot Price *(1+ rf – d)

Where rf = risk-free percentage every year, and d = dividend

The above equation needs to be customised for 2 points that are specific to bitcoin –

(1) the transition from a yearly to a risk-free weekly rate,

(2) In the case of bitcoin, there is no payout; therefore, ‘d’ can be omitted.

Price of Bitcoin Futures = Price of Bitcoins Spot * [1+ rf*(x/365)]

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Where x denotes the number of days till the expiration date.

What is the procedure for trading Futures Contracts?

Bitcoin Futures Trading functions in a similar way to traditional futures markets.

Using the technique above, the selling parties agree on a Bitcoin price and exchange it appropriately.

Futures are divided into two categories: short-term and long-term.

Length position Future – If you want to acquire Bitcoin, you can choose Long position Future, which specifies that you offer to accept Bitcoin at a specific price, of course, when the deal ends.

Shorts position Future – If you intend to sell Bitcoins, choose a minor position Futures contract, which indicates that you commit to transferring the Bitcoins at a predetermined price when the contract expires.

Where can Bitcoin Futures be bought and sold?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that may be traded on a variety of venues.

Trading platforms for cryptocurrencies – Trading bitcoin against other cryptocurrencies or fiat money can purchase cryptocurrency futures.

Bitcoin futures can be purchased by profit as a percentage as part of a currency pair on foreign currency exchange (FX).

Exchanges of options. – Bitcoin futures can be purchased by predicting the future value of BTC in the US dollar.

What is the procedure for opening a Bitcoin Futures account?

The first step is to register.

The registration procedure is simple and takes less than 10 minutes. A quick verification is performed to check that the information entered is correct and that the new Crypto Future profile is created.

Step 2: Practice Trading

Demo trade is helpful when you need to understand how to trade robots work. The demo account option is loaded with features and performs admirably.

Step 3: Making a Deposit 

You must deposit using the live trading option. Investors can use various payment methods, including Paypal, Visa, Payoneer, and Skrill, among many others.

Step 4: Participate in live trading.

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On Bitcoin Future, live trading is a straightforward option to utilise. To start a live trade, simply click the button, as well as the selling robots will start working.

Future Benefits of Bitcoin

1) Pay-outs: The payment is based on the profit made after the robots have transacted with money in an investment’s account. After producing a profit, the system deducts a commission, which is only subtracted from the profit.

2) Authentication system: The verification process for Bitcoin Future is quite fast. It’s used to double-check that an investor’s accounts information is accurate.

3) Digital encryption procedure: The trading operations, as well as all other Bitcoin Future communications, are secured using SSL, which could be respected.

4) Certified Brokers: Each Bitcoin Futures account is linked to a network of authorised brokers who verify that any trade selected and completed by automated trading robots is lucrative.

5) Service for customers: Each client has unfettered access to the customer service staff, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist them as needed.

Benefits of Bitcoin Futures

1) Bitcoin Future is simple to use: No prior experience or technical knowledge is required to start making money with Bitcoin Future.

2) Quick Processes: The Bitcoin Futures success rate is so high because the trading robots work quickly to capitalise on profitable market signals.

3) Consistent customer service: Customer support is always accessible when required.

4) Demo account feature: Users can study the demo trading session to understand exactly how auto cryptocurrencies trading works.

Risks of Bitcoin Futures

Bitcoin futures are recognised to be extremely dangerous instruments due to the possibility of substantial losses. If you are mistaken in calculating the predicted future worth, you will lose the money to the dealer who was correct. Because of the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies markets, the damages will vary.

Any future market participants have stated that they see far more activity on the “long” side of the market than on the “short” side, implying that more people believe bitcoin will climb in value and also have maintained bitcoin on the FX and option exchanges.

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Bottom Line

Bitcoin Future is one of the most well-known and dependable automated trading platforms. The platform has been approved and is legitimate. The trading robots operate well; all users need to do is deposit cash, and the trade robots will take care of the rest.

With Bitcoin Future, more people can spend securely and start producing money. It’s among the most efficient bitcoin trading platforms available. Bitcoin Futures also include basic features that allow everyone to join the cryptocurrency.

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