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5 Time Management Tips For the Busy College Student

Subhan Saeed

Do you know 48.4% of college students don’t get enough time to do their course work?

Students today use the internet to study which is a lot of fun compared to visiting the library. However, the internet is full of distractions and if you aren’t careful, you might fail to meet deadlines. It’s possible to spend the entire day checking feeds on social media and forget you have an assignment due.

To overcome such challenges, one should come up with proper time management practices. Here are five time management tips for the busy college student.

1. Write a To-Do List

The best way to ensure you get everything done is to have a to-do list.

At the beginning of your week, write down everything you require to accomplish by the end of the week. Ensure you indicate which day you’ll complete each task. This allows you to break everything down and have realistic goals.

From your to-do list, it’s possible to determine how much free time you will have. A to-do list also acts as a reminder of deadlines you have to meet.

2. Plan for Social Time

Balancing school work on top of social life and other commitments can be overwhelming.

Managing time demands you schedule time to hang out with friends. This way, you know in advance when you should hang out with your friends and when to get your school work done.

If you don’t know how to plan for social time, review top planning tips from the planner notebook.

3. Do It in Advance

Despite having a busy schedule, never leave your work until the last minute. If you have your tasks written on a to-do list, you are aware when you should do it.

To avoid the last-minute rush, put tasks on your to-do list a day or two in advance. Most college work is due on Friday and Saturday.

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Getting it done in advance allows you to enjoy free weekends.

4. Identify Time Wasters

Let’s speak facts; social media is a major time-waster for most college students.
Social media apps are amazing, but it’s easy to lose track of time once you start scrolling.

If you aren’t a social media fan, for a fact, there must be a time-waster in your life. We all do.

Once you identify time wasters, you’ll be more cautious of your time on these things. It’s easier to stop when you are aware.

5. Create Goals

Having clear intentions and goals will motivate you to complete tasks. Schoolwork isn’t fun, but you stay motivated when you think about your career.

Attaining long-term goals demand that you start small. Pick the easiest things to do before gaining momentum for bigger tasks.

Avoid multitasking when working towards a goal.

Achieve Your Academic Goals by Learning Best Time Management Tips for College Students

Managing time in college offers added advantages. It may be difficult as you are expected to achieve a lot. These time management tips for the busy college student will help you maximize the time you have each day.

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